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Accounts Payable Invoice Approval Process for BPO

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Client Profile

Client is a leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company specializing in Integrating BPO solutions across the back end and front office that supports the entire lifecycle of customers.


The scope of project is to build a system for Accounts Payable -Invoice approval process. Client will have a set of scanned invoices in SFTP which is to pulled out and put into a local FTP folder. From FTP folder, Invoices are pushed into Alfresco and then invoke Intalio task with Alfresco returned ID as input to the process for approval. For each approval, the scanned image is fetched from Alfresco and displays it in the JSP page for approver reference. The main challenge was using JSP instead of Intalio XForm/AJAX forms and giving role/user based access to these JSP. Another challenge is to implement is to give secure access to invoke Intalio process from outside systems. Implementation of Database authentication security framework was another challenge.

Aufait Solution

  • Integration with Alfresco
  • Integrating JSP with Intalio BPMS
  • Invoking Intalio task from outside systems
  • Secure access while accessing Intalio task from outside systems
  • Replace AJAX forms with JSP
  • Assigning role/user based access to JSP
  • Retrieving tasks from respective queue or respective pool from outside system
  • Showing task items for each role on the .NET/JSP front end
  • Customizing Intalio UI framework
  • Implementing Database authentication security framework
  • Creating a user interactive report to understand the task's current status

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