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Enhance the value of customers
through Loyalty & Frequent Flyer Program

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Frequent Flyer Program and
Customer relationship management

Frequent Flyer programs are designed to attract airline customers to accumulate reward points which can be redeemed for air travel purposes or any other types of rewards. A Frequent Flyer Program is referred to as a loyalty program that is offered by an airline. These are designed to attract airline customers to accumulate reward points which can be redeemed for air travel purpose or other type of rewards. The points earned under the Frequent Flyer program is gained based on the purchase regarding category of flight seats, the particular distance travelled on that airline or the amount paid.

The customer can redeem the points for air travel purpose, other goods or global airline services or for another advanced features which includes upgradation of travel class, access to airport lounges or booking priorities. The Airline Customer Support System helps to capture customer insights and constantly improve the experience of the customers with the ability to submit feedback, register their complaints online and much more.

Key Service Areas

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    Built-in interfaces for key functionalities

    The key features offered to customers are to manage and support Frequent Flyer systems, send mailers and alerts and to extend and enhance the existing systems to meet the specific requirements of each department.

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    Mobile interface for better user experience

    The user can gain a better experience with the help of mobile interface by enjoying the features of digital membership card, enrolment, miles summary, notifications and payment integration for miles’ redemption and ticket booking.

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    User-friendly features

    The user can easily view the account summary, the details of activity with summary report, the issued statements, buy and fly miles, profile updation, password change, family nominations and there is also an option for the users to provide their valuable feedback.

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    Administrator Functionalities

    The key functionalities of the administrator include user management, partner management, profile maintenance, complete view of the activity log and maintenance of feedback.

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