Performance Appraisal Management System

Manage employee performances to improve business productivity and work environments

Monitor your corporate goals and enhance human resource productivity using a PMS

Automate the entire process of managing employees with our comprehensive Performance Appraisal System. Aufait Technologies, with its years of experience providing exceptional products and services, has designed our employee performance appraisal solution with features that will streamline HR processes and improve retention. Our PMS solutions make the complete performance evaluation process seamless and a competitive advantage for our client companies. Our added services and features enable organizations to drive productivity and engagement of employees, resulting in outstanding business growth. By implementing the right employee appraisal techniques in our PMS tools, we enable you to let your employees feel acknowledged, supported and empowered, and drive them to be the best.

Key features of our Employee Performance Management Software

Benefits of implementing our Performance Appraisal System

Effective performance management

By performing scheduled and frequent performance assessments using a few quick questions and effective metrics, our system allows higher engagement, more accurate reflections of employee performance, and more chances to address the problems noted.

Actionable and frequent performance feedback

Our system enables managers and employees to receive and provide performance feedback. The employee-manager one-on-one assessment allows managers to recognize and acknowledge employee contributions and strengths, compare them with other employees, and find areas for guidance and training.

Increased business productivity

You can locate underperforming workers and figure out ways in which you can assist and guide them. Similarly, you can also find and acknowledge hardworking and highly skilled staff who feel underappreciated to boost their energy and motivate them. With insights from our performance review software, you can make the best decisions for your employees and ultimately increase productivity.

Why choose Aufait Technologies for Performance Appraisal Implementation?

Aufait Technologies is a Microsoft Gold Partner with over ten years of experience in providing exceptional products and services. With our expertise in the field, we have been able to bring effective changes for our client companies by implementing solutions and developing products that align with their needs and business goals. Our team works with much passion and dedication towards each project that comes our way to bring out the best results possible, in the least amount of time. We have immense pride in our works, values and morale, which we hold really close to our hearts. We ensure maximum output with minimum input to all our customers.

Our resources on Performance Appraisal System

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Frequently asked questions
What is the purpose of performance appraisal systems?
An employee performance management software is used to identify, encourage, measure, evaluate, improve, and reward the performances of employees of an organization to increase their efficiency and overall productivity of the business.
Using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and assigning target goals, you can effectively measure employee performance concerning desired results.
Some of the most popular types of performance management systems include Management By Objectives (MBO), Balanced Scorecard, OKRs, and HR review-driven systems.
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