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Automating Security Process For an IT Security Leader

Client Profile

Our client is one of the world’s largest information security service providers with over a decade of experience. They are trusted by many leading organizations around the globe from Asia to the US to EMEA. Currently, they are actively servicing more than 700 satisfied clients while continuing to truly transform customer experience globally.

With over 17 years of experience in delivering cyber defense to 700+ clients with 1000+ cyber specialists monitoring billions of events, and applying AI Techniques from Supervised, Unsupervised, Deep Learning and NLP for Delivering High Speed Across Threat Anticipation, Threat Hunting and Incident Response.


The client faced many challenges in their day to day operations, some of them are listed below.

  • The client needed the data operation processes to be performed in a more secure environment like in their own VPN (Virtual Private Network) rather than on a public network.
  • Before the automation process, our client was depending upon multiple security tools like IBM QRadar, HP ArcSight, etc for analyzing threats. So atomizing the entire processes into a single tool was very much necessary for the client.
  • Their customers also had different versions of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and network infrastructure at respective SOC (Security Operations Centre). This made it impossible and difficult for a unified solution to be used across their operations.
  • Our client was in need of a solution for their Shared Security Operation Center (SOC) where multiple Customer’s data could be managed and processed securely
  • Large amounts of data was being collected from their clients’ systems. An automation tool became necessary to manage the records and relieve the pressure on specialists engaged in this task.
  • The data which was received was raw. This data was in different types, formats and sizes. Managing, organizing and structuring such data was a tedious task.
  • Cyber specialists were spending too much effort and time in managing the content and preparing Intelligent reports for threat analysis in turn missing TAT(Turn Around Time) for each report.
  • Cyber specialists were required to check each Threat URL, domain, hosts manually in Virustotal website which resulted in huge effort being spent and delay in reports delivery.
  • Our client was looking for a comprehensive solution which can be used to collaborate information efficiently and integrate it with different 3rd party systems, file formats, delivery schedule, delivery mechanism.
  • Acquisition of new customers and adoption of new tools were challenging operational budgets as well as overall efficiency.

Our Solution

Our consultants held several meetings with the clients’ representatives, stakeholders and specialists. Based on their inputs and our experience, Aufait Technologies developed and deployed a bespoke Security Process Automation tool which addressed the challenges in the Clients’ business environment.

Salient features provided by our solution were:

  • Automating the assessment of security logs.
  • Detect threat anomalies.
  • Enhanced system integration .
  • Speed up processes and access to value-added information (Document Dissemination).
  • Provide intelligent reports to cyber specialists for further analysis.
  • Respond in a timely manner to the threats reported
  • Facilitate direct integration with various online threat analysis services like VirusTotal, etc.
  • Set up Governance rules, enforcement of document control & security, design metadata for scaling to a full-fledged Knowledge management framework.


  • Enhanced and improved incident response with threat intelligence.
  • Resolved security alerts proactively .
  • Increased efficacy with automated metrics and reporting.
  • Improved security operations center management with standardized processes .
  • Power orchestration with automation .

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