5 Awesome Themes in Our SharePoint Intranet Starter Pack

An intranet is the epicenter of every organization, as it is the place where employees can get company news and information and also search over people profile and content. A well-designed and secure intranet will empower the employees to communicate and collaborate even better and also save a great amount of time. It will also leave out unnecessary complications by bringing everyone in your enterprise together regardless of their location. Thus you can reap the benefits of increased productivity and better employee engagement. An intranet is the shop window of your internal brand and values, so while creating an intranet you should solely focus on your homepage, perhaps this will be the area which people get excited about, both viewing and those creating it.

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”– As the wording says, shared here is highly effective and impressive intranet starter pack designs which you could flatter by grasping the innovative ways in which we created it. Here are our trendy designs in intranet for various types of enterprises.

1. The Color Wheel

Are you a person who love colors? Then you will be pleased with this colorful intranet design for sure. A wide variety of colors have been added in this which makes a lively feel. This is an easily customizable layout which is done using the bootstrap grid system. This is a 12 column layout where any of the grid can be resized. If you have multiple things to highlight in a single page, then this will be the best opted, since it gives more or less same priority to all the grids. It is a responsive design which add-on to the benefits of using this. All these make this design a typical cool intranet.

1The Hive2. The Knowledge Nugget

This clean design makes it easy for employees to find and edit the document which makes the business processes run smoothly. This few-colored look gives the intranet a professional look and is adaptable for simple document management system implementing enterprises. This is a responsive modern design, powerful, easy-to-use and very flexible structure. Another design which is made especially for any organization which handles a well-organized category of documents and reports like hospital sites, health portals etc.

2boehringer3. The Corporate Executive

In this design, all the diverse elements are well-spaced and well-balanced to satisfy any strict corporate needs. All functionalities that any company would need are easily incorporated and hence become a professional design. This design is 100% fluid responsive on any device, easy to customize and fully featured. This is a clean and modern layout for typical business corporate websites with an executive look.

3.Aufait4. The Iconic Tile Design

This is a multi-purpose grid layout with a powerful theme. This is a flat, clean and unique design which is pixel perfect, fully layered and organized. It is a 100% responsive layout built with the Bootstrap framework. This is a design which stands out from the crowd and makes a mind-blowing impression. The elements are well organized and named accordingly which makes it easy to customize and update. It’s a nice design intended for business websites, portfolio, services etc.

5omnicom5. Out of the Box

This is modern, elegant, professional and usable template designed with a traditional left menu. This can be easily customized to suit your needs and easy to implement. All the elements are super-organized which makes the working with these files a breeze.This is a fully responsive, feature-rich and versatile design which make the website fast. A grid and list, wide and boxed layout are presented in this with a static and fixed menu. All out of the box features are managed with minimum customization which is the specialty of this design. This best fits for business, finance, corporate and insurance websites.

4.edifecsEvery department can have their own intranet to truly make their website stand out. A good design has now become the key element that has been overlooked in the past few years. From the look, you can determine how efficiently the intranet is used by the employees in an organization. A great looking intranet brings a cool corporate culture vibe to the digital workspace experience. Hopefully, by going through these intranet designs you get an idea of how various organizations can build their intranet in a best-suited manner. If you’re still working with an outdated, visually unappealing platform it’s a high time to upgrade.

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