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5 Reasons to Invest in Cloud-Based Intranet Software

How businesses function has altered as a result of hybrid and remote working. Employee access to user-friendly digital workplace solutions that enable them to locate information, stay updated on corporate news, and communicate with colleagues is more crucial than ever. You may deal with cloud-based intranet software.

What is a cloud-based intranet?

An intranet that uses the cloud as its hosting environment does not use an on-site server. Employees can access it online using a third-party intranet provider’s management and hosting services.
This makes the company intranet a popular choice for businesses whose workers work remotely since they can access it from any device, from anywhere in the globe, as long as they have an internet connection.

The Evolution of a Cloud-Based Digital Workforce

The use of remote workers is changing how businesses run. Companies want user-friendly digital workplace solutions that provide seamless connections to adjust to and support their employees completely.
Many businesses are turning to cloud-based intranet solutions to advance their operations. End customers are anticipated to spend $396 billion on public cloud solutions, according to the business data site Statista. The global public cloud computing industry, according to Statista, “continues to rise and is anticipated to reach an estimated 482 billion U.S. dollars in 2022.” With just $145 billion spent on cloud computing globally in 2017, it is obvious that the cloud has a bright future.

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Why are some organizations choosing cloud-based intranet solutions?

Many businesses choose cloud-based intranets as a more dependable and economical substitute for conventional on-premise systems with the company intranet software. As a result, even small businesses may benefit from the advantages a collaborative social intranet can offer to an organization by saving on initial investment and maintenance expenditures.

1. Cloud-based intranets have a lower initial outlay 

When deciding whether to invest in a new intranet solution, the cost is frequently one of the key considerations. Because internal communications budgets are sometimes quite little, you may need to work with IT and HR to get things started. Even so, intranet initiatives are occasionally postponed due to cost disagreements amongst the company’s higher echelons for months or even years.

2. Cloud-based intranets are deployable rapidly 

An on-premise intranet setup takes a lot of planning and work. Ensure you have the necessary hardware and update or replace any insufficient components. The intranet’s configuration, testing, and deployment will then need significant time from your IT staff. Before your intranet can go live, there may need to be a lot of customization and design work done, depending on the solution you select.

3. You are not locked in by cloud intranet infrastructure 

This ties you into using the same system for at least the next five years because implementing an on-premise intranet demands a significant upfront investment.
What will your intranet look like after a few years of your IT staff patching gaps and doing ad hoc updates, even if it is now functioning better? And consider this: What would your corporate leadership say if you approached them in a year or two and explained that the intranet we spent a fortune on isn’t performing as expected and that we need to replace it?

Bottom Line

You can no longer enforce an office-based culture since your staff needs more freedom and autonomy over their own working styles, and why would you want to?
With the proper cloud intranet solution, you can foster a collaborative environment, increase employee engagement, and equip your team with the resources they need to be effective from any location as per the best intranet software. All of that is less expensive, needs less managerial effort, and could be put up in a matter of weeks.
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