The Essential Features and Benefits of a Document Management System

document management system- an overview

Many surveys and studies by Mckinsey, IDC and other reputed organizations reveal that a valuable amount of time an employee spends in search of information, dealing with trivial matters due to poor prioritization; wasting huddling up for hazy discussions and much more. The table illustrates the unnecessary squandering of time by organizations across the globe. […]

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Work in the Time of Corona: How to Manage Employees Using Intranet?

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The world is facing one of the most testing times in human history. The United States is moving towards stringent measures to avoid further corona spread. Major economies like China and India are also grappling with this new COVID-19 viral attack. World trade and commerce is facing a dip and companies are implementing Business Continuity […]

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Aufait’s Commitment to Customer’s Centricity Earns

top drupal development company

Aufait is known for digital transformation within its digital workplace solutions and for creating incredibly personalized experiences. The prospect of providing the best possible web solutions has paved the way for the company to lead globally among the best Drupal development companies at GoodFirms. Overview of the Company Incepted in 2003, Aufait helps the organizations […]

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