Benefits of SharePoint Document Management


If you are working in any large organization, you should probably deal with many documents related to your work. This is the area where SharePoint comes into play, without SharePoint, there are higher chances of not getting your documents organized and maybe even difficult to find.

Cloud storage systems like Dropbox and Google drive do work exceptionally well for some. But they might not suit perfectly with every need of an organization, such as sharing and collaborating files efficiently with other departments or externally with vendors.

Not having a document management system or any collaboration tool to keep everything sorted and secure will wind up expensive in the long haul. What you require is a document management system that will put your documents in a hierarchy.

According to Microsoft, You Can Do The Following With SharePoint:

  •  Store, organize and locate documents.
  • Guarantee the consistency of documents.
  • Regulates the metadata for documents.
  • Help in protecting documents from unauthorized access or use.
  • Guarantee consistent business processes (work processes) for how documents are taken care of.

Some of the other key advantages of Microsoft SharePoint Online


If you are managing by email, then chances are great that you’re helping your organization with sensitive data. Administration by email isn’t just cumbersome and insufficient, it’s also not secure. When the security is concerned, it’s much safer to leave the important documents behind a firewall where workers can access these files when they require it, rather than sending it through email.

Version History:

Again… if you are managing documents by email, there is a much better way! Version history is something where SharePoint can truly help with. When considering the current corporate culture, a document will be delivered back and forth and it gets hard to figure out which is the latest version. With SharePoint, you can look at records, have employees edit them, and afterward register them back with SharePoint.


According to Microsoft, a SharePoint workflow is a computerized flowchart that takes a great deal of the labor, guesswork, and irregularity out of standard work processes. SharePoint ensures that the employees have the proper approval to access and alter the document, reducing the guesswork from workers.

Document Library Permissions:

In document libraries, the permission recommended to be set up is to adhere utilizing SharePoint groups as opposed to granting users directly to the library. This limits admin overhead from a permission management perspective. With this security model, users can be included/expelled from the SharePoint group(s), which subsequently controls their access to the library. We can set permission for Document library level, folder level and even for single item level permission can be given

Configure Alerts:

Alerts can be set up in a document library. They will notify you if someone is attempting to change or erase your documents in some frame or form. It will also keep you updated on what has been included/changed in the document library through email.

Key advantages:

  • Keeps you updated with contents in the document library
  • Upgrade document library collaboration
  • Enhance productivity.

Indexed Columns:

When a library contains a number of things, you should precisely design its structure and how clients need to access the data. By planning and utilizing a few key lists and library features, you can guarantee that clients can discover data without affecting the performance of your website. To enhance the performance of a library, you can index a column. An index on a column empowers SharePoint to rapidly examine the information in that column.

Managing Data with SharePoint Will Transform the Way You Do Business

If properly implemented, SharePoint will improve your organization’s productivity. Workers will be more proficient, you’ll have better access to your company’s data, and you’ll have the capacity to track the key metrics effortlessly. Aufait’s custom SharePoint development solutions have helped numerous organizations take out the agony caused by unorganized document structure. Those same customers have progressed into a more sorted out, productive association through automated workflow and easy-to-search data.


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