Digital Signature Integration for Contract Management System

If you were to list out the basic benefits of a Contract Management System (CMS), you would end up with the two typical reasons- to increase productivity and improve workflow. It is an essential tool for organizations with a large amount of data, especially important ones like contracts. Having to collect, store, track and handle these contracts requires a lot of time, effort and human resources. And losing them on the way does no good for the organization. Having a good cotract management system will help the organization to ensure that the contracts are managed properly, that important dates are not missed, and that it is easy to find important information. 

With content management system being a source of improving productivity and workflow of the organization, it is only essential to find ways to improve and better the system. And one of the best ways to upgrade the system and enhance the workflow is through DocuSign integration. As you already know by the heading, this blog will discuss the benefits of integrating DocuSign in contract management system and how to do the same. But first, let us get a brief on DocuSign.

What Is DocuSign?

DocuSign is a popular electronic signature solution with several features that can increase the productivity and security of the contract signing step in the Contract management system. It supports document and form type in simple and complex workflows and also provides many user authentication options, data collection, storage and retrieval solutions, as well as real-time negotiation and collaboration tools.

By integrating DocuSign in contract management system , you can swiftly send signature requests within the platform and easily attach e-signatures to your contracts. Since you do not have to create a different workflow for capturing signatures, the whole process is made much simpler and faster. DocuSign integration is highly popular in industries like healthcare, communication, technology, insurance, and more, and are widely used in departments of finance, sales, human resources, etc. 

Benefits Of Integrating DocuSign In Contract Management System

DocuSign integration in your contract management system can benefit your organization in many ways. Here are some of the biggest benefits your organization can achieve through this integration.

  • Faster and easier contract processing

Though the contract collection, storage and management are automated through a , the most critical part ie; collecting signatures and authenticating the contracts are still a hassle. By integrating DocuSign in your contract management system, you can automate the signature capturing process as well, making the workflow much faster and efficient.

  • Capture and use signatures anywhere, anytime

Since the signatures are pre-captured and stored in the system, and DocuSign is made available full time, you can ensure that no contract is left in between.

  • Easily track signed details

Since all the pre-captured signatures are authenticated and recorded, you can easily track the signature details on the already signed contracts.

  • Increase security

As mentioned in the above point, all the signatures are authenticated and recorded with complete details, ensuring safety and security of contracts.

  • Boost productivity 

By integrating DocuSign in your contract management system you can boost the productivity of your contract management workflow as you will have much time in hand to focus on other more important business tasks.

An Overview On DocuSign Integration Works With Contract Management System

By connecting to DocuSign for contract management, you can choose the signers according to the contract requirement when configuring the contract approval flows. Once the contract is ready to be signed, the DocuSign gives you the required signature using a custom connection, and syncs a fully signed and executed contract back to the contract management system. However, your contract management admin must enable the DocuSign for it to be integrated with your contract management system. 

As you build your contract approval flow, you can select the signatures that are required for your contract once it is uploaded. Later, when various approval steps are completed and the contract is ready for signature, you can add signature blocks to your document. DocuSign will then send emails to all the signing parties, and once signed, will sync it back to the contract management system. All the key details and dates are saved within your contract management system to ensure that you can easily access any information when needed. 

Once the signed contract is synced back to the contract management system, the contractual stakeholders receive an automated notification. From here, the workflow of your automated contract system will continue with the remaining steps and tasks until the contract is made active. The DocuSign integrated with your contract management system works with efficiency and saves a lot of time, all while ensuring the integrity of your processes through constant record keeping of each step in the contract management lifecycle.


The introduction of e-signature has changed the game for contract management. It has made the process much faster and easier by integrating signature capturing within the contract management workflow itself. DocuSign is a very secure, fast and user-friendly solution that you can integrate in your contract management system for better productivity and improved workflow. With the immense benefits it provides, it is only right that organizations utilize DocuSign to get ahead of their competitors. 


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