Employee Onboarding Process in SharePoint or Office 365

EmployeeonboardingRecruiting a new employee to any organization can be a long, complicated and tiresome process. Officials at the human resource must go through hundreds of resumes to select and hire the right candidate who isn’t right just for the business but also for the position.

Once an employee position is filled, it may appear that the hard job is over. However, it is just the beginning of some very hard tasks. Employee success usually begins with how quickly and how easily they get to know about the business, the roles they have to take up, play and the duties they need to perform.

Additionally, recruiting new employees include tasks that are not only related with the department of human resource but also with every other department which they will work for. This can prompt complication for HR since now they should cross-functionally track and manage the tasks. Not only should HR officials track and manage the assignments that are directly related to HR, yet they should work parallelly with tasks related to different departments that are based on the current rules and regulations.

With so many tasks to complete, it’s vital to have an organized onboarding process set up that helps the employee to speed up his work and guarantee his or her long-term success. The main duties that are essential for a new employee for the first couple of weeks would be filling out paperwork, get familiar with the company policies, offering an intensive training before getting started to work, allocating the employee with the best technology to perform their job, setting up login account and other data, giving access to online tools and solutions, acquainting them with other employees with whom they will work and make a solid relationship among teams that prompts in increasing the efficiency.

They may appear like a regular job, however, they are fundamental to a strong and effective worker who is faithful to the business and shows off his or her best work.

From an HR Manager’s point of view, the onboarding procedure can be really tough to track, which shows the working capacity of the new employee to work and finish tasks beyond just paperwork. The whole procedure can be chaotic considering the procedure that are involved.

Enabling new employees with an HR Portal and the capacity to compete, manage, and track tasks at their own pace sets up a path for what to expect from being an integral part of the business and sets them up for future success.

For HR staff, a deficient onboarding process creates confusion with some redundant tasks, specifics that have been missed with an onboarding checklist, or time wasted settling issues with the onboarding procedure.

Another issue with an unorganized onboarding process is the capacity to track and manage tasks, the tasks that have been completed by the employee and the tasks that should get completed. In case the employee is working remotely or is working from another office, onboarding can be more challenging.

It may appear like an unfixable issue, but setting up an efficient and intuitive onboarding program is much easier than you might expect. Office 365 offers a foundation to rejuvenate a business’ onboarding procedure. However, including an operational portal for HR that enables staff and departments to work together, track and oversee tasks in different departments, and offers a New Hire portal to the new recruits and takes out the complexities and initiates the effectiveness.

With Aufait’s, onboarding app, HR staff and a portion of the HR operational portal can make an onboarding checklist and share it with others involved in the procedure. At the point when the new employee/ recruits begin, they can promptly sign in to the New Hire portal, get a tailored Welcome message along with some relevant data and records that help in making their first day comfortable.

In case a new user/ employee needs to refer a report or strategy, every data is available centrally in the New Hire portal, taking out the need to search for the apt person to recover a duplicate of the archive, which saves time.

Furthermore, with an onboarding application like this that use Office 365 and a Digital Workplace, HR employees can deal with the onboarding procedure as well as offboarding, like transferring, laid off or gets terminated. Through this method, the management will get to know about procedures to get completed and retrieved such as employee login data, files, and computer.

Onboarding Process can also help in minimizing the paper trail complexities, duplication of data and manual processing or arranging tasks related to conventional methods. This solution can help many industries including: Finance and Insurance, Government, Professional Service, Manufacturing, Media, Construction and Trades, Education, Mining, Not-revenue driven, Health, Retail, Security Services, and Transport associations.

Key Features of an Employee Onboarding Process

  • Customize the On-boarding experience of new recruits, via automating all physical on-boarding procedures, instructing new employees with the expected output and evaluating them through tasks designed make as an integral part of the team.
  • Stick to Brand Consistency requirements – finish with customizable corporate logo, colors and other private company content.
  • Schedule tasks for everyone in the Team – tasks can be made and assign to individuals that can assist in the onboarding process.
  • Help you advance towards a paperless domain – a fast filing mechanism with easy record searches, easy documentation, tracking and data at your fingers.
  • Improve Company and Regulatory Compliance – can be designed with agendas, strategy documentation, and related employee tasks to guarantee consistency.
  • Offers Business Analytics for decision-making forms – provide insights to managers on how the onboarding process is advancing and performing at each progression of the business.

Key Benefits of an Employee Onboarding Process

Team Collaboration – With the assistance of this solution, the HR, IT, finance, team managers and supervisors get to work together, plan and meet up and work as a team to offer the new employees with an interactive and memorable user experience.

Enhance Employee Retention – quick engagement with new recruits helps in enhancing the retention and limits early employee turn-over.

Centralized document repository –A centralized repository of user data is made accessible for operations and business partners to keep up and monitor employee documentation. Their ability to quickly integrate with the local HR and Payroll solution enables to improve the staff profitability and effectiveness.

SharePoint-construct Employee With respect to boarding Solution – Based on SharePoint solution, this service offers business partners a certainty that their new hire onboarding solution isn’t simply solid and functional but also capable to meet their growing business needs.

To know more about, how your business can automate and benefit from onboarding process with an application connected with Office 365, contact our team.


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