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How 360-degree performance appraisal help your business?

Aufait is a leading technology consulting firm that develops customized SharePoint solutions to provide digital workplace solutions for businesses using Microsoft technologies. Since 2003, we have developed an excellent reputation as leaders in enterprise portal, web, and mobile application development.

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Please get to know about our classic performance software now!

In any firm, developing a pay-for-performance culture is a requirement for talent management. Your most valued individual employees cannot be recognized and rewarded under the strict structure of traditional management. By overcompensating underperformers and disregarding performers, many organizations waste time and money. You may arm your HR managers with a potent tool by implementing a centralized performance appraisal system for assessing employee performance.

An effective evaluation system helps you connect company goals and precisely monitor employee performance. Enabling a genuine pay-for-performance culture to flourish in your business. For a new plan to be successful, managers and employees must feel trusted by one another. The numerous evaluation processes will be more transparent and authentic thanks to HR software like AppraisalPoint. Our 360 degree performance appraisal system is an advanced appraisal used by multiple organizations. These systems are used to judge the employees in your organization.

360 Degree Performance Appraisal BLOG

Learn more about Appraisal Point: an overview:

A software program called AppraisalPoint was created for controlling and tracking employee performance. By making the employee performance process efficient and effective for employees and managers, which would otherwise be a difficult and laborious activity, AppraisalPoint is intended to address difficulties with employee performance. 360 degree performance appraisal system can help you to judge employee performance quickly. Many organizations have started using it to get genuine employee performance measurements. It is important to know how the employees are performing in your organization so that you can take the necessary steps as an owner.

With the help of AppraisalPoint’s tracking, alerts, reports, and dashboards, you can efficiently manage your performance appraisals and the data associated with them, including employee ratings, feedback for each KPI, pertinent dates, and much more. This will improve operational efficiency and give you the ability to give immediate, in-depth reports that can be combined with salary increases. You can alter and develop job descriptions with AppraisalPoint to meet the new objectives of the business. For any forward-thinking firm, investing in a single appraisal program that can conduct staff evaluations for several factors is a futuristic move.

Let’s get to know about business automation workflow:

Business operations are interconnected and rely on one another. They also develop with time. They communicate both internally and externally with the organization’s current systems. Automation alone is insufficient to control such continuously changing business processes. BPM enables you to manage, optimize, and manage business processes. Converting corporate strategies into practical, implementable projects is helpful. You can observe a positive influence on your bottom line and drastically improve your processes. We offer business automation workflow services that help to grow your business the most. Visit our website and see the exciting services provided for our customers now!

The features of our business process management:

  • Process automation: 

Any corporation that wants to remain competitive in the market by being effective and flexible must automate business procedures. At Aufait, we work on challenging projects involving process automation that interact with current line-of-business systems and deliver insightful performance dashboards.

  • Forms automation:

The goal of many firms nowadays is to support green efforts, and one of the major projects is to eliminate paper use in the workplace. Aufait has worked with numerous clients who had to manage hundreds of these forms and actively assisted them in achieving their aim of making their offices paperless.

  • Employee self-service: 

Solutions for employee self-service give both employees and HR personnel more control. Thanks to ESS facilities, employees get access to their employment-related information anytime needed. Additionally, they always have access to fundamental procedures, including requests for training, travel, and leave. The HR department is relieved of tedious chores, which helps firms cut paperwork.

  • Customer support solution: 

The firm now has a powerful tool to track down and address consumer complaints thanks to our Customer support solution, which was specially created for the travel and hospitality industry. Case management and knowledge management are features of the system. Visit the official website of Aufait Technology to know our exciting services and solutions. Let us know your needs right away! 

These are some of the information that may enlighten you about our performance appraisal software and process automation. To get more relevant information, you can always visit us!

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