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A Complete Guide on Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration

Lotus Notes has been one of the conspicuous choices of customers due to its advanced and useful email administration. It offers the customers to use email features along with contact administration, plans, tasks etc… Majority of the users rely upon its abilities to finish electronic communication. Lotus Notes works in association with Domino Server, which is used for the maintenance. However, certain issues can hamper the customer’s task while using a Lotus Notes application. Thus, numerous customers migrate from Lotus Notes to more solid and productive customer apps. As per the reports, Lotus notes to Office 365 migration has become the choice for a majority of the users due to the email customer migration functionality.

Additionally, Microsoft SharePoint services handle emails and perform tasks more efficiently. However, migrating Lotus Notes (IBM Notes) data to Office 365 expects you to have the essential technical expertise to execute the transfer process efficiently, and that organizations don’t need to confront any data loss.

In this blog, we will discover what makes them slanted more towards Office 365 and how to migrate files from Lotus Notes to Office 365 without loss of data.


Benefits of Migrating from Lotus Notes


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There are many reasons to follow for the SharePoint migration of lotus notes to Office 365, which makes the client carry out the migration between email users. Some of the key reasons to migrate from Lotus Notes include:

  • Large Capacity – Lotus Notes require a lot of RAM to store the mailboxes. Customers find costly to introduce RAM with huge capacities, so opt for another email customers like Office 365, which requires constrained and moderate usage of RAM. So it tends to be convenient for Office 365 migration from Lotus Notes.


  • Synchronization Issue – IBM Notes suffers from the poor synchronization with its Domino server. It causes irregularity in the email service and reduces its performance. This issue is for the most part reasonable for the migration of Lotus Notes to Office 365.


  • Designing Issues – Lotus Notes can’t render each HTML/CSS files effectively. It prompts the designing issue in emails and the associated files and folders. It winds up hard to keep up data consistency with this flawed rendering.


  • Customer Migration – Lotus Notes has its own independent file format i.e., NSF format, which has extremely narrow use among applications. It might be conceivable for the users to allocate other email clients which offer other file formats which are broadly used by different apps.


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Benefits of Migrating from Lotus Notes to Office 365


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Office 365 offers some of the extra advantages, which makes users of Lotus Notes understand that changing to Office 365 would be a better choice in every aspect. Some of the key advantages experienced by the users after the migration include:

  • Relocating the email client of Office 365 enables the customers to effortlessly get to the Lotus Notes mailbox without losing any emails or data items.
  • The clients can get to the on-premises emails of Lotus Notes from anyplace utilizing Office 365 i.e. more accessibility is offered by Office 365.
  • Office 365 additionally offers different helpful services like VOIP over Skype, OneDrive storage etc.


Switching from Lotus Notes to Office 365


The users can easily migrate Lotus notes to Office 365 and access all the items in the mail without any trouble. The migration can be completed in the following two ways:


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  • Manual Conversion


The client can physically move the mailbox to Office 365 utilizing IMAP connection. The following steps if followed precisely will lead to a productive data migration of Lotus Notes to Office 365:

  1. Make a backup of Lotus files, which should be relocated to Office 365
  2. For each user profile, build individual mailbox.
  3. Now, activate the IMAP settings in the following way:
  • In Lotus Notes, Browse Domino Administrator > Configuration tab
  • Open the Server file
  • Go to Ports > Internet Ports > Mail tab
  • Change TCP/IP Port Value Status to Enabled
  • Click Save to apply the moderations made
  1. Interface with IMAP connector for synchronizing Lotus Notes mailbox.

This stepwise manual process, when performed carefully, will help in migrating from Lotus Notes to Office 365. However, this methodology has their own restrictions.


  • Limitation of Manual Approach


  1. The Lotus Notes calendar modules can’t be migrated by the manual approaches. They should be moved physically and is time-consuming.
  2. IMAP migration possesses some limitation with file size i.e., 1 GB of data in the mailbox can be exchanged from Lotus notes to Office 365 utilizing this methodology.
  3. Export of the data by IMAP Connector relocates only the online data. Different vital offline Lotus notes are forgotten by the tools due to the lack of offline network.
  4. In case, if there are any connection issues, the manual approach can’t be utilized to migrate the data.
  5. There are chances for data to be lost while performing migration from Lotus Notes to Office 365 utilizing IMAP connector approach.
  6. Each step is related to some technical aspect, so the approach requires a professional to perform migration from Lotus Notes to Office 365 securely and proficiently.


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  • Automated Conversion


To tally the constraints and dangers related to the manual conversion, various 3rd party tools are available for Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration in the industry. The clients can essentially migrate every bit of Lotus files, for example, emails, contacts, schedule, and appointments to Office 365.


Final Note:


Because of the most recent cloud offered services, users often prefer to migrate to the cloud-based Office 365. Users who have been making use of different email in the past are now migrating to Office 365 to experience more accessibility with advanced features. To keep up the access to other mailboxes, a constant search for productive migration is carried out. Through this blog, we have tried to answer different migration based queries, like the need of migration, merits of Office 365 over Lotus Notes and manual and automated approaches to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365.

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