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Microsoft SharePoint Syntex Introduction

Microsoft launched SharePoint Syntex in 2020 . Syntex is Microsoft’s Content Management Solution which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning which can help organizations to transform unstructured files into organized information. This structured information can be protected, made available for users, and can also be used to automate business processes. 

One such organization who has leveraged Syntex is London Stock Exchange ( LSE). Employees at LSE were spending approximately 15 to 20 hours reading and processing information from hundreds of investors. After adopting Syntex in their business environment, the average time was reduced dramatically to less than 90 minutes.

Document Classification was one feature which was available when Syntex was launched in October 2020 by Microsoft. Since then, it has added more capabilities and delivers more value to the users.

Content Assembly 

Every organization has a set of documents such as Non-Disclosure Agreements, Purchase Orders and Contracts. There are many such documents where the basic structure of the document remains the same. Most changes are in the change of company name or address.

In december 2021 , Microsoft will launch this capability on Microsoft 365. Intelligent Document Templates will be available for users, who can leverage and create documents based on the existing data sources. Syntex can be integrated with SharePoint based Document Management Software systems to make creation of new documents faster. Document templates and content can be created using the AI model, and users will be able to create Purchase Orders, Invoices, SOW ( Statement of Work ) and more such documents with ease.

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Alerts and Reports in Business Processes

Automated Content Processing also requires monitoring. Keeping this in perspective, organizations will be able to create visualization of the automated content processes.

Automate the visualization process using PowerBI and share it with Users. Infuse PowerApps and visualization processes with insights from PowerBI, AI, etc to drive certain actions. Another cool and much needed feature is Alerts. Any time a document is added/deleted or the meta data is edited, an alert can be generated. 

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Workflow and Content Processing

  Syntex will be integrated with Power Automate, a robotic Process Automation solution, which offers more customizations. A custom flow can be triggered after a single or batch file processing. 

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