New Office 365 Features for your Intranet

Your Office 365 intranet solution in SharePoint is an associated working environment. Just imagine your whole company moving through data life-cycles. The main purpose of an intranet software is to keep the people informed, engaged and push their limits.
In here, we are going to discuss the new features that are coming to your Office 365 intranet- across hub site, communication sites, team sites, news, pages, web parts etc.

Microsoft Teams, Teamwork, Collaboration and SharePoint Team sites

In a working environment, it is important for every team member to streamline their tasks to stay on the same page. A connected SharePoint team site provides a centralized location to regulate team files, information and be in touch with sensitive data, and share the appropriate news. The new version also provides insights into various sections to drive more engagement and value.

All key SharePoint features are surfaced within the Microsoft team sites. As of now, team members can highlight SharePoint files, lists, pages, news etc. Soon they can do the following:

  1. Access the full potential of SharePoint document library files inside Microsoft Teams. You get to utilize the full potential of the SharePoint document library to Microsoft Teams. Work simultaneously on the same file with previews, pinned things, metadata, Flows and many more – intense and steady regardless of where you work with your files. This new experience with documents will collect to your Outlook Online experience, as well!
  2. Connect a SharePoint team site to a Microsoft Teams group in a single tap. In case you’re a group, connected team site isn’t associated with a chat based hub for teamwork, then it’s only a single tap of the new Connect to Teams button in the left side of your site that gets you one.
  3. See that a Teams channel is related to a folder inside the SharePoint library. For now, it’s simple to convey which folders inside your library have an associated Teams channel and messages related to it – ideal from within the SharePoint UI.
  4. Easily pick news articles and lists while adding a SharePoint tab to a Teams’ channel. When you include a tab in Teams, you can tab between available lists, pages and news things to rapidly bring them into your central repository or hub for collaboration

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Updates in Group Connected SharePoint Team sites

2018 09 04 1


When working in a closed environment, you will require the digital workplaces and tools to share, access data and stay efficient. With the changing employer expectations, users are required to be creative and to evolve as per the requirements. To back this point, we are introducing these addition in the new Office 365 intranet:

  1. New Microsoft Planner: This is Planner for the team as a full-page application. Just click New > Plan, and get to manage team task within the SharePoint client experience.
  2. Visibility of Group Inbox Activity within Site Activities: With this update, you can see key email activities along with the regular file modifications and published news
  3. Modern Team sites are accessible on-premises in SharePoint Server 2019: Get the advantages of “going modern” on-premises. Team sites in SharePoint Server 2019 will have modern home pages (which offer access to web parts and pages), lists and libraries, and will re-flow and appear beautiful inside the SharePoint mobile applications.

“SharePoint is deeply incorporated with Microsoft Teams in Office 365 services to build Office 365 intranets.  Utilize SharePoint team sites to manage the content and share it with your teammates through their hub for collaboration “- Microsoft Teams.

Connect with Rich, Engaging Organizational News and Communication site Updates

2018 09 04

SharePoint powers your Office 365 intranet software to promote and sort out people, content and exercises within your connected working environment in a much better way. The sites that you develop – of all kinds – are at the central repository. You can develop a site within seconds and they are mobile ready from the start. They are very useful in different situations like product launches, internal cross-company campaigns, product launch etc. As you develop, your Office 365 intranet grows as an immersive, business-critical resource for the enterprise.

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Here is some new updates in intranet sites, news and page management:

Organizational News & Team News

Open, straightforward communication is basic for employee engagement. For almost two decades, communication between employees has been centered on emails. Presently, with intranet, you can discuss your message with rich, convincing, and intuitive content including documents, video, polls, and overviews – dynamic data dashboards.

Today, we can surely ensure that these messages land with the users across gadgets, geologies, and time zones. You can draw your audience to your intranet in important tasks in a more focused fashion.

  1. Select which website sources to pull content in from – news web parts channel news from a variety of sites, all these news are channeled based on the content you want to show, in the design you find most helpful for your general site layout.
  2. Hub site news web part update – the intriguing ‘hub layout’ in the news web part for SharePoint hub sites will give extra capacities like sticking news articles, another minimized design, and merry go round help.
  3. Catch up later – you would now be able to archive articles to catch up some other time, from the Web interface of your Office 365 intranet. Just tick on the Save for the later button at the bottom of the news article and it will be included in your saved list, these lists are accessible from the Me tab in the SharePoint mobile app. You can also access this list from SharePoint home.
  4. @mentions in news remarks – like Outlook, it is now possible to mention someone who has access to articles with the help of @ button, the mentioned individual will be notified about the discussion.
  5. Prioritize specific sites as “organizational news sources” – as news are displayed to people over their SharePoint home in Office 365, or through the news tab in their SharePoint mobile app, the news that originates from “organizational news source” sites will get additional visual treatment.

Page Administration Updates

The strength of an advanced intranet software solutions rests in the dynamic display of data and the capacity to better curate and target who can view what – all without customization and without page multiplication. With this advanced technology, communication sites are prepared to handle your most demanding intranet portal situations.

Today, we’re satisfied to share how you can control who sees what content, or particular areas of the content, and when it shows up (or vanishes) in or from their customized circle of data.

  1. Targeted audience – You can better characterize what news articles and pages show up on the home experience of your site by designing what is obvious to particular gatherings. Every individual will have a unique affair that consents to what you want them to see without making various audience-specific sites, you can nourish them with a more centralized repository with a customized experience. Support for targeting audience will be available in news, pages and other web parts so you can characterize and target with the best way to reach with content and website experience.
  2. Page approval – Create a fresh and custom Microsoft Flow streams for approval. Just name your stream, including the user who will approve your page, make it as a draft and submit for approval. Once approved, the page status gets refreshed to “published” and will be available for your target audience. Due to integration with Microsoft flow, approvals for the latest posts works effortlessly. Additionally, you can also personalize your workflow to address the issues of your specific approval process.
  3. Content association – this feature helps in organizing your library pages and influence how they are seen based on particular criteria (metadata) that you, yourself have applied to that particular page. You can select the area or role, what page type or page status – and present the views that make it feasible for users to see or not depending on how they meet that criteria.

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Development in SharePoint Hub & Communication Sites

Hub & Communication Sites provides enriched user experience to your Office 365 intranet. The site and the content must be evolved as per the change in business objectives and team structures. There has been a variety of new functionalities available to make it easy to create and design any site goal that you require throughout your Office 365 intranet.

  1. Add rich colors to the hub site header – you will now have options to choose any color other than white. It’ll be easier and adaptable to adhere to your preferred company theme and brand the colors to more sectors in sites and pages.
  2. Approval for hub site association – An adaptable approval process enables hub site owners and site owners to make requests and automatically perform the changes within their developing, powerful Office 365 intranet.
  3. Site scripting along with hub site association – Whenever a site get associated with hub sites, not only the theme gets inherited, but now they can also be configured using powerful site scripting techniques to authorize permissions, shared metadata, favored content management and policies.
  4. On-premises communication sites in SharePoint Server 2019 – SharePoint communication sites can be developed and configured within the SharePoint server 2019 to avail the benefits of “going modern” on premises with team sites.

News and Updated Web parts

Sites pull in content from Office 365. To perform this operation SharePoint news article make use of powerful and data-rich web parts, which you can arrange as per your needs considering the look, feel and nature of the information.

  1. Climate – Enable admins to demonstrate the web part to provide the information on weather by MSN Weather for a particular location.
  2. Image web part: text on a picture – improve your pictures with hyperlinks and enable admins to overlay text on pictures.
  3. Document library and lists web parts updates – It’s significantly easy to connect with archives and lists on a page with tile view and simplified transfer. Presently with custom perspectives, gathering, arranging, shifting, column formatting, and drag and drop transfer.
  4. Stream updates – Regardless of where you see a news article or page, you can expect that recordings playing from Stream will look and playback wonderfully – even though you are seeing them inside the SharePoint mobile application. There are channel upgrades to improve view and playback a complete set of videos with regards to your site or news article.
  5. Yammer refreshes – When you add a Yammer web part to a homepage or a news article, you can manage the favored scoping of the teams that can be checked to that website. We’ve likewise updated the interface to improve how individuals can take part in the discussion– with more extravagant feed with communications like mentioning, liking, including contents etc.

On the whole, we urge you to develop and organize your Office 365 intranet. Develop a site you require and guarantee your clients to develop the sites they need. Once settled, relate them to hub sites to arrange related sites and projects. As you advance year after year, continue making and sharing dynamic, information-rich news articles.

Keeping associated in the go – Find what you require

Take your intranet with you to stay connected and educated about key content, news, individuals and sites while in a hurry. You can effortlessly get back to what’s important to you, with effective search capabilities to understand your needs and to provide feedbacks through remarks and likes – all to keep the work moving.

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