SharePoint 2016 Collaboration Features

We’ve made some amazing progress since the days when collaborating online meant emailing the files to a distinct location. Video conferencing, online document libraries and comment threads make working with partners whenever they are busy. In any case, in the current scenario where the employees can work wherever they want doesn’t mean working in offices in various areas. It implies colleagues working at home, in a restaurant, or on a train. Employees nowadays get instant access to documents from the desktop, tablet or even from cloud servers. Such services offer a transparent experience that doesn’t mind where they currently are and what device they are using. SharePoint 2016 has taken this collaboration features to another level to enhance the collaboration process we enjoy today.

SharePoint 2016 has come a long way when considering mobility and anytime, anywhere access to your association’s SharePoint Intranet. The push for this feature to be implemented has not been exclusively for viewing all documents types from your mobile gadgets, yet in addition for real time collaboration, editing and publishing. With no devoted mobile application in past SharePoint versions, Microsoft’s interest in responsive and consistent mobile experience should be lauded.

Till date, Microsoft has launched mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows. In order to improve the mobile experience, they have also launched a News Rollup for iOS and Android. The News Rollup for iOS utilizes the intelligence of Microsoft Graph to align the news and updates from your SharePoint Intranet that are uniquely relevant to you.

Let’s take a look at these collaboration features that SharePoint 2016 has to offer:

More Flexible File Naming and Storage

Special characters are significant role, so it was baffling to not be able to utilize them in filenames. In SharePoint 2016, special characters would now be used in filenames, making them more significant. You can even upload files bigger than 2GB. The size of the content database has also been increased, to upload much more files than ever. A huge increase in the memory limits will help the users and organization to accomplish more with this new SharePoint feature.

Never Lose Track of a Document

Shared copies of records mean less stockpiling is needed. That works great until a point when the file is moved or renamed and it finally becomes difficult to locate the file. Thanks to durable links, such issues will never happen again; URLs will still work regardless of whether a file is moved within the SharePoint.

Support for Images and Videos

Visual media has turned into a critical part of modern communication and online work. The new version of SharePoint presents sneak peaks of image and video when you hover over them. With advanced memory setup, more use of images and videos are supported in SharePoint 2016.

Enhanced Interfaces

SharePoint 2016’s interface is adaptable for touch-based interfaces, making it less demanding to work and collaborate from mobile devices. For desktop access, keyboard controls make it less demanding to perform normal document library commands. It also makes navigation easier with other interface changes and see where you are.

Unified Experience

With a single profile in Office 365, SharePoint 2016 allows its users to access both SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server without any restriction. Every sites are consolidated in to a single list. The interface in SharePoint 2016 uses an App Launcher that makes working with it feel the same as working with Office 365. The cloud hybrid search feature helps you to search in both local sites and Office 365 contents and returns a single result list containing both. By utilizing Hybrid OneDrive, clients can utilize Office 365 to access the records from any device.


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