Simplest way for automating hiring process using SharePoint / Office 365

This blog shares how we build a simple but very effective recruitment portal for our organization utilizing SharePoint Online using two simple lists and a library to manage resumes.

Best way to begin any project is by asking what are the different outcomes that will help departments to improve the performance of a recruitment process. After talking to our recruitment team,

The key challenges were

  • Unable to track the time taking for on-boarding various hiring requests
  • Balancing the load among recruiters
  • Figuring out the status and activities related with different hiring requests like no of resumes collected, no of interviews happened, various status of different candidates etc.

Here is the process overview of our recruitment process and we believe it will be almost same in any organization:

  1. Some one (Project Manager , Customer etc.) requests for hiring
  2. Goes through an approval process and finally assigns to recruitment team or member
  3. The requirements get published in organization website, social media etc.
  4. Recruitment team will collect resumes (from job portal, agencies etc.)
  5. Recruitment team shortlists  candidates (resumes) for interview
  6. Shortlisted candidates are then scheduled for interview and assigns interviewers

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