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Transforming Content Realities: Introducing the SharePoint Premium

In the ever-evolving scenario of Microsoft’s collaboration and content management, SharePoint has stood as a stalwart. Now, it undergoes a transformative evolution into something extraordinary – SharePoint Premium. This avant-garde offering at Aufait Technologies, redefines your content experiences, introducing forefront AI-powered automation, robust security measures, and intelligent governance.

Managing extensive content manually can lead to decreased productivity, missed opportunities, and higher costs. An essential modern strategy is a content management approach tailored for the AI era. Welcome SharePoint Premium, the cutting-edge content management platform, evolving from Microsoft Syntex. This solution seamlessly blends AI, automation, and enhanced security into your content

experiences, processing, and governance. It brings creative ways to engage with your crucial content, ensuring efficient management and protection throughout its lifecycle.

In SharePoint Premium, content processing and governance collaborate seamlessly, reshaping how organizations handle and oversee their data.

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Content Processing:

Think of content processing in SharePoint Premium as a finely tuned orchestra for data handling and analysis. It’s not just about storing information; it’s about extracting insights, improving search capabilities, and automating key content management aspects:

Text Extraction: Uncover relevant information by extracting key details, making content more accessible.

Metadata Assignment: Organize content effortlessly by automatically assigning metadata, streamlining search.

Language Identification: Navigate multilingual content by determining the language used.

Document Classification: Enhance organization by categorizing documents based on their content.

SharePoint e-signature:

In SharePoint Premium, the e-signature feature is a game-changer, enabling electronic signatures directly within the platform. Revolutionizing signature acquisition for various documents, its general availability is expected in Q1 2024.

Fueled by AI and Copilot, content processing in SharePoint Premium ensures strategic utilization of information, not just storage.

Content Governance:

Content governance takes the spotlight, focusing on policies and procedures for controlled content management:

Data Access Governance: Identify and rectify overshared content, ensuring control over data access.

AI-driven Policy Recommendations: Leverage AI to optimize access and security settings in alignment with organizational policies.

Content Event Insights: Gain visibility into critical moments in the content lifecycle, maintaining compliance.

Content: The Lifeblood of Organizations

In the intricate tapestry of organizational dynamics, content emerges as the lifeblood, fostering collaboration, steering process transformation, and capturing knowledge to fuel informed decision-making. As the era of AI and Copilot unfolds, the significance of content amplifies, becoming a linchpin for organizational advancement and the nurturing of employee skills. Within this landscape, SharePoint Premium emerges as the all-encompassing solution, poised to meticulously organize, effectively manage, and securely safeguard this torrent of invaluable content.

AI and Copilot: Catalysts of Content Evolution

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the innovative capabilities of Copilot, content transcends its traditional role. AI augments the understanding, processing, and utilization of content, ushering in a new era of efficiency and insights. Copilot, as the AI-powered assistant, takes this evolution further by seamlessly integrating into the content creation and management process, enhancing productivity and introducing a layer of intelligence.

SharePoint Premium: Nurturing the Content Ecosystem

Amidst the vast ocean of content, SharePoint Premium emerges as a beacon of order and security. It doesn’t just organize; it orchestrates a symphony of features to manage the deluge of information effectively. From boosting employee productivity to streamlining workflows, Copilot-ready content preparation to securing sensitive data, SharePoint Premium stands as the comprehensive solution for organizations navigating the complexities of content management.

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Exploring the features of SharePoint Premium: A Symphony of advantages

Visualize SharePoint Premium as a comprehensive platform breathing vitality into your static content. It transcends being a mere file storage space; it’s a journey that maximizes their worth throughout their entire lifecycle. 

Let’s delve into the captivating highlights:

Unleash Content Brilliance with SharePoint Premium Experiences:

   – Boost Employee Productivity and Streamline Workflows:

     Craft visually stunning sites, collaborate seamlessly, and optimize processes with the infusion of AI and workflow automation.

   – Deeper Engagement:

     Effortlessly share content across Teams, email, and Viva, ensuring your message resonates with the right audience.

   – Copilot-Ready Content:

     Prepare your content for Copilot, the next-gen AI assistant, unlocking a realm of enhanced productivity.

   – Organize and Optimize Your Content:

     Harness AI-powered tools to classify, tag, and construct documents, amplifying search capabilities and automating document assembly.

   – Take Control of Access and Security:

     Identify overshared content, leverage AI-driven policy recommendations, and gain insights into pivotal moments in your content’s lifecycle.

Empower Intelligent Content Management with Copilot:

   SharePoint Premium introduces Copilot, your AI-powered content assistant:

   – Effortless Search:

     Copilot interprets your intent, surfaces pertinent information, and furnishes automated insights, streamlining decision-making.

   – Personalized Content Creation:

     Generate reports, presentations, and emails tailored to your needs with Copilot’s insightful assistance.

Secure and Manage Your Information Efficiently:

   – Microsoft 365 Archive:

     Keep older content accessible while optimizing storage costs with the secure Microsoft 365 Archive.

   – Microsoft 365 Backup:

     Attain peace of mind with reliable, scalable backup solutions for crucial data.

Unlock The Future Of Content Management With SharePoint Premium

Ready to Dive into the Future of Content Management?

SharePoint Premium is available today, featuring services on a pay-as-you-go basis and the promise of exciting features rolling out soon. Explore the official Microsoft documentation for in-depth insights into individual services and pricing. This marks just the beginning—SharePoint Premium is a dynamic evolution, consistently introducing new innovations and AI-powered capabilities. Stay tuned to unlock the full potential of your content with SharePoint Premium. Elevate your content; the future awaits.

 A Quantum Leap Unveiled:

SharePoint Premium isn’t a mere upgrade; it’s a transformative leap into the future of content management. The platform seamlessly integrates the power of AI, orchestrating a symphony of collaboration and robust governance. 

Guiding Organizations Through the Digital Landscape:

In the labyrinth of the digital age, where change is the only constant, SharePoint Premium stands as a reliable guide. It navigates organizations through the challenges and opportunities of the evolving landscape, ensuring that content is not just managed but leveraged strategically. 

The Future Unveiled: Powered by SharePoint Premium

The future isn’t a distant dream; it’s here, and it’s powered by SharePoint Premium. With Copilot at the helm, a new era unfolds—one marked by intelligent, collaborative content creation. SharePoint Premium isn’t a spectator in this narrative; it’s the driving force, empowering organizations to shape their destiny in an era where content is not just king; it’s the architect of success.

Copilot: Steering the Intelligent Content Revolution:

At the heart of this transformative journey is Copilot, the AI-powered companion that brings intelligence to content creation. With Copilot, the mundane transforms into the extraordinary, and collaboration takes on a new dimension. 


In the symphony of content management and collaboration excellence, At Aufait, SharePoint Premium services takes center stage. It’s not the end; it’s a new beginning—an era where content becomes a strategic asset, collaboration reaches unprecedented heights, and governance is seamlessly woven into the fabric of operations. The future has arrived, and it resonates with the power of SharePoint Premium, steering organizations toward a horizon where content isn’t just managed; it’s orchestrated for success.


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