Document Management System

An Eminent Oil And Gas Refining Company Of India Integrates A Microsoft SharePoint-based Document Management System

Client Business Description

Our client is one of the Fortune 500 and Forbes 2000 companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) in India. They are a Government of India enterprise involved in refining and marketing petroleum products. They own and operate two major refineries and produce a wide variety of petroleum fuels and specialities. They are the largest Lube Refinery operators in the country and produce Lube-based oils of international standards. Being a prominent company in India with the second largest share of product pipelines and a vast marketing network, they aim only to grow further using futuristic and innovative technology resources.

About Product

We designed a solution for our client company that streamlines all the requirements mentioned above. Our Microsoft SharePoint-based document management system (DMS), which encompasses around 800 users, can identify and capture documents across the organization. This gives the company a better overview of its document creation and sharing. Our solution enhances system integration, eliminates data duplication, provides easy document-sharing capabilities, speeds up processes and provides access to value-added information. As suggested by our client company, we implemented the system in a phased manner where the first phase enabled the company to have a DMS framework based on standard practices, enforce governance rules, document control and security to manage company documents better, and design metadata for scaling further into a full-fledged document management system.


Our client company wanted a robust system to create, share and manage their documents in a standardized format. They initially did not have a systematic process for document creation, which led to inconsistent metrics that were difficult to track. Also, since they did not have standardized templates, there was a lack of visibility on document creation, sharing and updates. Furthermore, department-wise sites and documentation were poorly managed, leading to unstructured data storage. There was little or no control over document versioning resulting in data duplication and a lack of document security. All of these challenges called for a complete renewal and standardization of their document management process. They wanted a solution that could fully transform their document creation and management system. Also, they wanted a scalable platform where the client admin team can manage the whole solution and extend to other departments by themselves.

With the assistance of their technical partner Aufait Technologies, they received a centralized document management system that enabled easy and standardized document creation, sharing, tracking and management. The pre-built templates, access controls and various other security features gave them better control over their documents.

Our Solution

We developed a SharePoint-based document management system to manage and track department-wise document creation and sharing, enabling the company to have a better overview and control over documents.

Centralized repository

With a centralized system to fully automate document creation, sharing and recording, the employees can access all the required facilities from a single space. Also, data categorization and filtering features provided simplified information management and easy document accessibility.

Customized user interface

We included a customized user interface for admins to enhance their control over sites and library performance for efficient management. This allows them to configure tasks without having to rely on IT departments. Our solution also has a customizable user interface, enabling users to create content types, metadata and document libraries from a single screen.

Role-based permissions

A major concern for our client company was the lack of document security and standardization. By implementing policies, procedures and quality standards for document types, our solution allows the employees to create and share documents more systematically. It also includes a role-based permission matrix to enhance security and access controls.

Technologies And Tools

Microsoft SharePoint

Product Screens


Our document management system enabled our client company to receive below positive results-

Efficient document management

The centralized and structured document storage allowed the company to increase the efficiency and productivity of their operations.

Better overview of shared documents

Our solution helped the company to have a better overview of documents created, shared and recorded and better track valuable metrics.

Reduce the workload of employees

Our DMS solution has helped our clients reduce employees' workload and simplify their information management activities.

Ensure data security

Our solution's robust security features and access controls have enabled the company to ensure data security and reliability.

Easy search and retrieval of documents

Our solution's data categorization and filtering capabilities enable employees to search and retrieve documents quickly.

Scalability to KMS

Our solution is designed to be able to scale into a robust knowledge management system in the future as desired by our client company.

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