Employee Exit Management System

A Leading Healthcare Provider Integrates Microsoft SharePoint Capabilities To Digitize Their Offboarding Process

Client Business Description

Our client is one of the Fortune 500 companies with a path-breaking record for innovations in the medical field. They are exceptional in finding solutions that transform lives in the best possible way. They aid healthcare professionals, patients and career seekers to foster and impact them with the right products, tools and services. They are a forward-looking and growth-oriented enterprise that wishes to use advanced technologies to better its benefits for both its employees and consumers.

About Product

We designed a solution for our client company that exhibits the values discussed in the above section. Providing better workplace culture, making them feel important, parting gracefully, improving the workspace for retaining employees, and making the entire process hassle-free. All of these valuable factors were considered while developing the new offboarding solution. Furthermore, the asset protection approach to safeguard the confidential company data, procure the assets or amenities of the company, gather the virtual advances of the employee in performing duties and recover accounts, passwords etc., were the other essential benchmarks for devising the solution. To do the same, we leveraged the power of SharePoint specialties like custom workflows, processes and data flows in the content management setting to guide document movements. Through an action-triggering system that passed through an automated workflow consisting of authorized approvals and clearances, each having a separate form to fill, the system enabled the organization to make the process faster and more efficient while recording effective information that can provide useful insights.


Our client company wanted to better manage their employee offboarding process to engage their employees positively. Their initial offboarding process was done manually and had many steps that delayed the entire process. It consisted of various stages where the employees had to fill out multiple forms and wait for approval. Since this process resulted in low tracking capabilities, they wanted to improve and standardize the system to make the process smoother for both the company and the exiting employees. They wanted a solution that could properly trace the approval process to speed up stages that are otherwise delayed. Furthermore, they wanted a more robust and centralized automated system to record and better manage the employee exit process. The client's vision was a digitized software solution built on the Microsoft SharePoint Platform to best use its unique features and benefits. With the assistance of their technical partner Aufait Technologies, they received a robust solution that sped up the offboarding process through automation, enabled better corporate data management, and eliminated processing delays through notifications and email integrations.

Our Solution

We developed a SharePoint-based portal to automate the exit process that enables employees and the HR department to track the status of approvals easily.

Centralized repository

Our client’s biggest requirement was a centralized system to simplify process tracking for employees and HR departments. Since the entire workflow is recorded and traced through the central repository, the employees can easily track the status of their exit approvals. Furthermore, the HR departments can seamlessly figure out pending approvals and notify the specified team to speed up the process.

Automated email alerts and reminders

Another primary requirement was the elimination of process delays. To ensure the same, we have integrated automated email alerts and reminders that you can send to authorized persons to ensure none of the deadlines or proceedings is missed, allowing a smoother exit process.

Comprehensive dashboards and exit analytics

Our employee exit management solution also includes comprehensive exit analytics and dashboards that enable the organization to gain insights on exit reasons, root causes for employee attrition, average time spent by employees, and departments with high attrition rates. This helps our client to better their business operations and improve retention.

Technologies And Tools

Microsoft SharePoint Online, Designer Workflow, Custom Webparts

Product Screens


Our employee offboarding system enabled our client company to receive below positive results-

Better process tracking

They could automate their entire offboarding process, which was initially done on a paper-based system. This allows employees and HR departments to easily track the status of approvals.

Faster clearance of formalities

It has enabled them to speed up the entire exit process, eliminating delays in between through email alerts and notifications.

Smoother offboarding experience

The company provided its employees with a smoother offboarding experience as they could complete most procedures through the centralized system.

Ensure data security

Our system's robust security features have enabled the company to ensure data security and reliability.

Timely transfer of corporate knowledge

The specialized tools built into our system have enabled our client company to ensure seamless knowledge transfer to multiple stakeholders, eliminating knowledge gaps.

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