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Efficient Insurance and Claims Management for a Group Company: A Case Study on an Integrated Insurance Management System

Client Business Description

This case study examines the implementation and impact of an Integrated Insurance Management System (IIMS) for a group company seeking to streamline its insurance and claims processes. IIMS is a comprehensive software solution designed to centralize insurance management, claims processing, and reporting across multiple subsidiaries. The study highlights the challenges faced by the group company, the implementation process, and the outcomes achieved through the deployment of the IIMS.

About Product

Group companies often encounter challenges in managing insurance policies and claims across various subsidiaries, leading to fragmented data, inconsistent processes, missed policy renewals, and inefficiencies. To address these issues, RPG Group Company decided to implement an Integrated Insurance Management System.


Before implementing the IIMS, the group company faced several challenges, including:

  • Disparate systems and processes across subsidiaries, resulting in data inconsistencies and inefficiencies.
  • Manual data entry and paper-based documentation, leading to errors, delays, and increased administrative burdens.
  • Lack of visibility into the overall insurance portfolio and claims status
  • Inconsistent claims handling and reporting, hindering timely decision-making.
  • Limited ability to leverage data analytics for risk assessment and insurance strategy.

Our Solution

RPG Group Company partnered with Aufait Technologies to develop and deploy an Integrated Insurance Management System. The IIMS incorporated the following key features:

Centralized policy management

All insurance policies, including coverage details, renewal dates, and endorsements, were stored and managed in a unified system

Claims processing and tracking

The IIMS facilitated efficient claims reporting, tracking, and settlement across subsidiaries, ensuring transparency and timely resolution.

Document management

Paperwork was digitized, allowing for secure storage, easy retrieval, and reduced reliance on physical files

Reporting and analytics

The system provided comprehensive reports and analytics, enabling data-driven decision-making, risk assessment, and strategy formulation

Communication and collaboration

The IIMS offered a centralized platform for communication and collaboration among subsidiaries, streamlining information sharing and enhancing operational efficiency

Technology and Tools

SharePoint Online & Power Automate

Product Screens


The implementation of the IIMS yielded significant benefits for Group Company:

Streamlined insurance management

The centralized system allowed for efficient policy administration, ensuring consistency, accuracy, and timely renewals

Improved claims handling

Claims reporting, tracking, and settlement were streamlined, reducing processing times, enhancing customer satisfaction, and mitigating financial losses.

Enhanced data accuracy and accessibility

The IIMS provided a single source of truth for insurance data, enabling quick access, accurate reporting, and informed decision-making.

Increased operational efficiency

Automated processes and standardized workflows minimized manual effort, resulting in time and cost savings across subsidiaries.

Improved collaboration and communication

The IIMS fostered better communication and collaboration among subsidiaries, facilitating knowledge sharing and efficient decision-making.

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