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A Refining And Petrochemical Company In The Middle East Uses Microsoft SharePoint Capabilities To Upgrade Their Intranet Portal

Client Business Description

Our client is a refining and petrochemical company formed to develop the 4,00,000 barrels per day refinery and petrochemical project in Jubail, KSA. It is a joint venture between Saudi Aramco and TOTAL Saudi Arabia and is the second-largest refinery in the Kingdom in terms of capacity. Being an environmentally friendly refinery, it produces a high proportion of white products like diesel, gasoline, LPG, petrochemicals, and jet fuels from low-cost heavy crude. It is the seventh most complex refinery in the world. As a future-oriented organization, it aims to continuously improve its operations and services.

About product

We designed a solution for our client company that includes all the requirements mentioned above. By interacting with different departments under SATORP and understanding their key requirements and various processes that needed to be automated, we utilized many out-of-the-box features of MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server) to develop an efficient solution. As requested by our client company, we initially deployed, configured, and migrated to MOSS 2013 and implemented department-level sites. We then provided training to the power users to help them make maximum benefit of our solution.

We also developed Master pages and customized themes for SATORP, which reflected their new branding. As required, we also automated many of their department-level forms and workflows using SharePoint capabilities. Furthermore, we developed multiple customized web parts to meet some of the department's needs. We also included enterprise and people search and integrated with SAP and LDAP to transform the solution as our client envisioned fully.


Our client company wanted to enhance and upgrade their existing intranet portal from MOSS 2010 to MOSS 2013 and re-brand the intranet look and feel according to their new branding guidelines. This means complete migration or enhancement of their available features like InfoPath forms, news and announcements, circulars and staff movement, policies and procedures, telephone directory, and integrating other applications. Their initial system had various issues that resulted in big turnaround times. They also had complex workflows with up to ten levels of approvals based on various conditions and wanted a system that automates multiple support forms and approval processes to ease and speed up tasks. They also wanted to integrate the system with their IT help desk and various SAPs and ADs. The client envisioned a system that combined all the requirements of its various departments and aimed to train them to make maximum use of the system.

With the assistance of their technical partner Aufait Technologies, they upgraded and standardized their intranet portal, enabling faster and easier access to applications and company information. The added security features, automated forms and processes, and multiple integrations helped them improve operational efficiency.

Our Solution

We developed a SharePoint-based intranet portal to upgrade our client's existing system to provide better features and capabilities.

Migration to MOSS 2013

Our client's primary requirement was to upgrade their existing intranet portal. And to do the same, we deployed, configured, and migrated the system from MOSS 2010 to the 2013 version. This helped the organization have advanced system features, resulting in faster processes and turnaround time.

Automated processes and integrations

Another concern of our client was their complex workflows that included multiple levels of approval processes. And to ease and speed up the process, we used SharePoint workflows and InfoPath forms for automation. We also implemented multiple integrations, including the IT help desk, SAP, and LDAP, as required by our client.

Customized themes

Our client also wanted the updated version of the system to reflect their brand. To do so, we developed new master pages and customized themes that went well with their current style and brand. This helped the solution fully align with all the requirements of our client company and better integrate with its existing applications.

Technologies and tools

Windows, SharePoint 2013, Infopath Forms, SharePoint designer workflow and VS.NET

Product screens


Our intranet portal enabled our client company to receive the below positive results-

Reduced roll out

Our solution enabled our client company to reduce rollout time while developing additional sites for various departments.

Timely updation

Since the power users are trained to manage their sites directly, they can update the system without requiring IT assistance.

Automated process

Automating multiple processes enabled the company to improve its cycle time and accountability and reduce paper usage.

Enhanced look and feel

Since the system is updated to match the latest branding guidelines, the company has an enhanced look and feel for its portal.

Scalable and secure infrastructure

Our solution is designed to be scalable according to the future requirements of our client company. It is also integrated with multiple security features to make its infrastructure more secure.

Social features

Our solution has also enabled our client to integrate multiple social features like wikis, blogs, forums, document sharing, tags, searching, RSS, etc.

Improved corporate communication

The various shared and reusable functionalities across multiple websites and collaboration tools have enabled the company to improve its corporate communication.

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