Non-Conformance Report Tracker

A UAE-based Business Group Integrates Microsoft SharePoint Capabilities To Digitize Their Non-Conformity Report Tracking System

Client Business Description

Our client is an international group of companies based in the United Arab Emirates, serving the manufacturing and marketing industry for almost 50 years. They have a well-integrated range of mass-market food products, related derivatives, intermediates, and services that reach five continents and run 80 operations in 35 countries worldwide. With over 80 brands under the group, they have firmly established themselves as one of the most diversified groups in the Middle East. They are a forward-looking and service-oriented company that wishes to leverage improved technology and tools to better its products and services.

About Product

We designed a solution for our client company that exhibits all the requirements mentioned in the above section. Elimination of manual work being the first concern, we developed an action-triggering system that passes through an automated workflow consisting of authorized approvals and analysis of conformance issues. We also integrated email alerts and reminders to ensure approvals are not delayed and the problem is consulted immediately. Once the system passes through the automated workflow, with correction and prevention measures completed in between, the solution captures and documents the report with all the relevant details regarding the issue. This enabled the organization to record the non-conformance issues and be prepared for future occurrences, enlighten employees on various circumstances, and improve operational efficiency. The solution also helped the organization make the process faster and smoother.


Our client company wanted to better document, track and manage their non-conformance report tracking system. Their initial process was email and paper-based, making it quite challenging to follow the process, trace the status, record documents, etc. Since non-conformance report is a crucial element for a business, having an unproductive system to handle the issues led to many obstacles. To tackle and improve the current scenario, they wanted to develop a solution that could automate the system, speed up the process, enable them to trace the status, and document the reports. The client’s vision was a digitized software solution built on Microsoft SharePoint to leverage its unique features and benefits. With the assistance of their technical partner Aufait Technologies, they received a strong solution that sped up the non-conformance report tracking process through automation, enabled report documentation and management, and eliminated processing delays through notifications and email integrations.

Our Solution

We developed a SharePoint-based NCR system to automate the non-conformance reporting and tracking process that enables authorized departments and employees to easily trace the status of conformance issues.

Centralized repository

Our client’s most significant concern was their manual and paper-based system of handling conformance issues. To resolve the same, we developed a central repository from where the complete non-conformance report tracking lifecycle could be completed and documented.

Automated emails and alerts

Another issue was the processing delay in passing the case to several authorities for it to be analyzed, solved and approved. And in our automated solution, we integrated email alerts and notifications to remind the authorized personnel of the incomplete procedures to speed up the process.

Document capturing and report generation

Yet another concern was the unorganized documents, reports and sensitive information that comes with manual and paper-based work systems. This problem was also resolved since our digitized system enabled capturing, documentation and report generation of all conformances.

Technology and Tools

Microsoft SharePoint

Product Screens


Our non-conformance report tracking system enabled our client company to receive below positive results-

Centralized system

Our solution enabled the client to record and track non-conformances and corrective actions using a centralized and cloud-based storage platform.

Simplified regulatory compliance

The automated solution enabled them to streamline disposition processes, achieve compliance, and cut the time between initiation and approvals.

Real-time email notifications

The email integration feature helped them receive automated and real-time email notifications to keep the workflow moving.

CAPA solution

Our solution also captures corrective action preventive action solution (CAPA), which enables them to ensure that root causes do not reoccur.

Detailed analytics and non-conformity reporting

Our solution also allowed the client to chart and analyze conformance-related data and receive reports on various elements that help take corrective actions.

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