Performance Management System

A 4 Star Airline Integrates Microsoft SharePoint Capabilities To Automate Their Employee Performance Appraisal Process

Client Business Description

Our client is a flagship carrier in APAC and an official 4 Star Airline. They have witnessed massive growth through the years and have played a major role in making the region an important traffic hub in the Middle East. They have also extensively contributed to the growth of the region's commercial, industrial and tourism sectors. They are a progressive airline company aiming towards providing better services to its employees and customers.


About Product

We designed a solution for our client company that fulfills all the requirements discussed in the above section. Our customizable, SharePoint-based solution uses the balanced scorecard management strategy for calculating employee performance. This enables our client to conduct automated performance appraisals based on predetermined strategic goals, objectives, and employee KPIs. We leveraged the power of SharePoint and developed an action-triggering system that passed through an automated and customizable workflow consisting of various appraisal stages. As requested by the company, the product integrates with its existing HRM solution and generates reports with valuable insights. Our system has enabled the organization to speed up the process and increase the productivity and efficiency of employees and operations.



Our client company wanted a simple solution to automate and better manage the performance appraisals of their 5000-plus employees. Their initial system consisted of manual and excel-based processes, which were prone to frequent errors. Since the process was time-consuming and led to difficulty in consolidating and generating reports, they wanted to replace it completely with a system that could automate and speed up the entire process. Furthermore, they wanted a centralized system from where they could record, track and manage the appraisals seamlessly and make the process more transparent. They also wanted it to integrate with their existing HR system and other legacy applications. The client envisioned an advanced, yet simple solution built on the Microsoft SharePoint Platform to make maximum benefits of its features.

With the assistance of their technical partner Aufait Technologies, they received a robust solution that automated the performance appraisal process, enabled better management of appraisals, eliminated process delays, and increased transparency.

Our Solution

We developed a SharePoint-based system to automate the performance appraisal process, enabling employees, managers, and the HR department to record, track and manage appraisals easily. The solution also seamlessly tracks and evaluates corporate scorecard and department performances.


Our client's biggest concern was how difficult it was to track and manage the appraisals with their manual, excel-based system. Through our automated and centralized performance appraisal solution, they could receive analytics dashboards with all the required details. Our system provides categorized dashboards with specified information concerning the CEO, head of the division, head of the department, managers and employees.

Defined KRA and KPI

Another primary requirement was a more advanced and standardized appraisal system to make the results more accurate. To do the same, we developed a solution with various predefined Key Result Areas (KRA) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for the organization, divisions, departments and employees. This would make the process more systematic, standardized and unbiased.

Review and reports

The final requirement was the capability to review appraisals and generate reports. We have integrated mid-term and year-end reviews to ensure the consistency of employee performance. This would enable our client company to ensure the employees are working as they are required to. The system also generates KRA reports and employee appraisals which the organization can use to make better decisions regarding their employees.

Technologies And Tools

Microsoft SharePoint, Oracle HRMS

Product Screens


Our performance appraisal system enabled our client company to receive below positive results-

Effective performance management

Thanks to our automated system, they could conduct more effective performance assessments and better manage their employees. Our feature-rich solution resulted in better engagement, more accurate reflections of employee performance, and more chances to address the problems noted.

Actionable and frequent performance feedback

The solution has provided our client with a standardized system that conducts frequent performance appraisals, resulting in better recognition of employee flaws, acknowledgement of contributions and strengths, and finding areas for guidance and training.

Process transparency

Our solution takes a weighted rating approach towards performance appraisal, resulting in a more transparent system. This has enabled our client company to eliminate biased reviews and reduce conflicts and escalations to a great extent.

Increased business productivity

Our client company has more than 5000 employees. Tracking and managing their performances manually can be quite daunting. Our automated and KPI-based performance appraisal system has enabled them to easily locate underperforming employees and find solutions to guide them better. This has allowed them to drive the productivity of employees and overall business.

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