Procurement Management System

A leading group of companies in the luxury industry leverages power tools to digitize and automate their procurement process

Client Business Description

Our client is a leading group of brands and institutions in the luxury lifestyle industry. They have over three decades of experience in the field of designing jewelry and providing world-class design training for young and aspiring professionals. With the expertise they received through the years, they have taken up various challenges, embraced the changes in trends, and deeply understood them to better their operations. They are a progressive brand driven by the desire to help its customers express themselves with clarity and grace, and they aim to reflect this goal in everything they do.

About Product

We designed a solution for our client company that streamlines all the requirements mentioned in the above section. Our Microsoft Power Platform-based solution uses the two power tools, Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Power Automate, to digitize the entire process, including purchase requisition, approval, and order processing. Our solution is simple yet backed by powerful tools that enable our client company to eliminate their manual work and speed up the procedure. We also integrated email notifications and alerts to remind authorized personnel of pending tasks and resolve delayed approvals. Our system has enabled the organization to automate the process, speed up formalities, increase transparency and traceability of purchases, and take a step further toward digital transformation.


Our client wanted a simple yet robust solution that enabled them to automate their procurement process. They initially handled their procurement processes manually using a paper-based system. This resulted in the Manager Director having to approve and sign hundreds of pages, which was highly unproductive. Furthermore, it also resulted in delayed approvals while the authorized persons were unavailable, which further led to late procurement of required processes. Since the complete business operation was affected due to this delay, the client company wanted to develop a solution that eliminated these barriers, sped up the process, and increased overall productivity. Our client's vision was a solution developed on Microsoft Power Platform, a software that consisted of four strong tools under its umbrella.

With the assistance of their technical partner Aufait Technologies, they received a robust solution that automated the procurement process, enabled better management of procedures, eliminated process delays, and increased transparency.

Our Solution

We developed a Microsoft Power Platform-based portal to automate the procurement process that enabled our client to eliminate manual work, process delays, and miscalculations.

Centralized repository

Our client's biggest requirement was a centralized system to automate and track the entire process. This allowed them to eliminate manual and paper-based purchase procedures, record past purchases, and trace approval status from a single space.

Automated email alerts and reminders

Another primary requirement was the elimination of process delays. To ensure the same, we have integrated automated email alerts and reminders sent to authorized persons to ensure no approvals or proceedings are missed, allowing a faster procurement process.

Workflow traceability

Since the complete process is completed from a single space, the company head can keep track of different purchase workflows and get better control over expenditures made. This helps increase transparency, reliability, and productivity of operations.

Technologies And Tools

Microsoft SharePoint, Power Platform

Product Screens


Our procurement management system enabled our client company to receive below positive results:

Eliminate manual work

The automated workflow enables the employees to complete the entire procurement lifecycle from a single system. This eliminates manual work and the stress on employees.

Increased transparency

The central system contains all the crucial details regarding purchases made, enabling the company heads to have better control over expenditures made.

Improved operational efficiency

Our solution reduces the overall time spent on purchase-related procedures and minimizes errors that may otherwise occur when done manually, enabling the client to increase efficiency.

Auditable process

Since the system provides a structured and standardized workflow, our client company can audit the process and have room for betterment.

Effective budget management

Our solution allows the client company to get an overview of their expenditures through analysis, giving them insights that can help make better purchase-related decisions

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