Tax and Legal Notice Management System

A premium bathroom products company leverages Power Platform capabilities to automate their Legal And Tax Management

Client Business Description

Our client is a global front-runner in developing exceptional bathroom spaces. With a focus on design, innovation, sustainability, and well-being, they have been in the industry for almost a century, serving billions. They are the ultimate benchmark reference for bath space creation and have a presence in over 135 countries. They entered the Indian market in 2006 by joining yet another leader in bathroom solutions, Parryware. They currently house six key brands under their umbrella, catering to varying consumer segments. Backed by a strong and rich history, our client is a revolutionary and focus-driven company that hopes to take up further challenges and reach unprecedented heights.

About Product

We designed a solution for our client company that fulfills all the requirements mentioned above. Our Microsoft Power Platform-based tax and legal notice management system uses a central repository to store all the documents and details regarding legal cases, enabling the organization to have a complete overview of each legal process being made within it. Our solution gives the company heads control over their legal matters, enables them to have insights on current cases, and traces the status of liabilities of the organization. They are well-updated and fully informed on the history of all legal matters that have occurred in the past, allowing them to be prepared for future occurrences. Additionally, our solution includes email integration to notify authorized personnel on critical due dates and upcoming events, allowing them not to miss any trials and deadlines. Our solution automates the entire process, from adding a new case, updating its status, and notifying of due dates and approval requirements until it is settled, thus simplifying tasks, improving management, and increasing overall productivity.


Our client company wanted to automate its tax and legal notice management process to better track its legal cases. They initially had a single employee who stored the documents and data related to legal cases in Microsoft Excel sheets. This resulted in the employee being the only one fully aware of the legal cases, their statuses, and varying due dates. Since legal processes are long-term and take years to be settled, having the employee resign from the post led our client to lose the accuracy and brain behind their legal management. Being a large company with hundreds of legal cases, our client had to ensure that this situation was not repeated. They wanted a robust and digitized solution that automates the entire process and enables them to keep track of each case and trace its status. Furthermore, they wanted a centralized system that acts as a contract management system to automate approvals and renewals. The client envisioned a digital solution built on Microsoft Power Platform to use the power tools that come with it. With the assistance of their technical partner Aufait Technologies, they received a powerful solution that simplified their tax and legal notice management process through automation, enabled better legal data management, eliminated processing delays, and increased productivity through notifications and email integrations.

Our Solution

We developed a tax and legal notice management system to automate the complex task of managing and tracking millions of legal notices and cases.

Centralized repository

Our client's biggest requirement was a centralized system to simplify documentation and tracking of legal documents. Since the entire workflow is recorded and traced through the central repository, the organization's legal professionals can easily track the status of different cases, their approval requirements, and critical due dates.

Automated email alerts and reminders

Another primary requirement was the elimination of process delays. To ensure the same, we have integrated automated email alerts and reminders which you can send to authorized persons to notify them regarding any legal clearances they have to make, upcoming due dates, and important events. This also helps them to stay prepared for court hearings.

Contract management system

As requested by our client, we have also integrated a contract management system into the solution, which enables them to create, store, track and process legal contracts. We also included approval process automation and e-signature capabilities into the solution to simplify the process and ease their tasks.

Technologies And Tools

Microsoft SharePoint, Power Automate and DocuSign

Product Screens


Our tax and legal notice management system enabled our client company to receive below positive results:

Keep track of legal cases

It has allowed them to track important updates on the dispatched legal notices and take necessary measures.

Seamless updates

It has enabled them to update their activities, notices, and records around controlled statements in a trouble-loose manner.


They can receive real-time notifications regarding crucial milestones and deadlines to continually be at the pinnacle of their work.

Manage and validate legal budget

With all the legal accounts available in a single system, our client can manage and validate their expenses and create budgets for legal requirements.


Our digital signature feature has enabled our client to speed up their approval processes in a simplified manner.

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