Contract Management System

Improve contract visibility and reduce risks through a comprehensive CMS

Increase contract efficiency through a customized and automated Contract Management System

Leverage Aufait Technologies Contract Management System to enhance your business operations through an automated end-to-end contracting process. Our CMS solution has an easy-to-use and intuitive interface with artificial intelligence capabilities, allowing you to streamline and manage your contract lifecycle seamlessly. By integrating CMS features, you can easily create contracts, conduct timely renewals, and get notified of expiring contracts for smoother completion of legal procedures. You can also receive increased visibility of contracts through a central repository and leverage the benefits of scalability, security, searchability, and accessibility. Our extensive services and added benefits allow companies to integrate solutions that reduce risks, costs, and time and increase productivity, efficiency, and overall growth.

Significant features of our Contract Management Software

Benefits of our Contract Management Software System on Microsoft SharePoint

Central Repository

Have all your contracts stored in a digitized single storage repository, providing better access and visibility, and reducing the risk of misplacing contracts and paper loads.

Customized reporting

Develop customized and scheduled reports with useful insights from in-built and effective dashboards, and stay updated on every aspect of your contract lifecycle.

Alerts and notifications

Receive advanced and automated alerts and notifications, and never miss any important contract dates and deadlines.

Contract creation

Templates, sections, and clauses library with export to MS word capability to create a new contract and reduce the approval iterations.


Our CMS solution is developed with scalability capabilities, allowing you to upgrade the system according to your business and contract requirements.

Integrated workflow management

Create and manage an integrated contract workflow by assigning role-based tasks for approvals, renewals, modifications, and termination of new and existing contracts.

OCR and advanced search

Quickly and seamlessly find all the contract details you need through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and advanced search features.

Electronic signature

Save time and money by sending, signing, and filing documents from anywhere, at any time, with our built-in e-signature feature.

Why choose Aufait Technologies for Contract Management System integration?

Aufait Technologies is a Microsoft Gold Partner with over a decade of experience in the field. Throughout the years, we have strived to provide exceptional and quality solutions that best resolve our client's problems and improve their businesses. Our expert team of developers takes immense care in every step of the implementation process, ensuring the complete satisfaction of our client companies with our solutions. We are a dedicated team with values deeply rooted in our work, holding it close to us every step to provide not just what our customers need but what they require to have maximum output from minimum input.

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Frequently asked questions
What is the purpose of a contract management system?
A CMS solution helps businesses to facilitate and manage the creation and execution of contracts. It enables contract managers to store, track, retrieve information, and get timely contract updates from a single central repository. It ensures a smooth and seamless contract process.
The four components of contract management include- a contract management plan, supplier relationship management, transaction management, and variation.
The seven essential stages of contract management include planning, implementation, pre-contract, handover, execution, pre-renewal, and post-contract stages.
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