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Customer Support System for Airlines

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Client Profile

The client is one of the leading international airline companies, headquartered in one of the prominent destination in Middle-East. As a full-fledged commercial airline, client has striven hard to maintain high performance standards in all aspect of its operations. In this journey, the client wanted to ensure that the no customer is left unsatisfied. Hence the client invited Aufait Technologies to build a comprehensive Customer Complaint Management System. The need was to analyze and evaluate the current customer management system in place and the gaps in the process and implementing a CCMS solution. This has led to improved customer satisfaction, employee productivity and reduced cost.


Client was having difficulty in handling the complaints/feedbacks/suggestions received from the customer. The number of stakeholders involved in handling the customer complaints is high and hence the time taken to close a single customer complaint surged drastically. This resulted in unsatisfied customers, loss of customers, and reduction in customer loyalty and employee productivity.

The major root cause for this problem is the communication between different stake holders like Front- end office bearers, Catering department, Cargo Management department, Customer Service & Support, Finance & Accounting department, HR, Crew management, etc. All of these departments should work in sync to solve an issue raised by the customer. But the client organization faced huge difficulty in coordinating these departments because of the manual activities involved. The complaints/feedbacks may be related to various stations where the airline is operating and hence their coordination was difficult. Apart from this, they were facing a tough task of identifying the status of the complaints and hence most of the complaints went unnoticed in the mid-way of the life-cycle. Hence the client needs to automate this process by implementing a comprehensive Complaint Management solution.

Aufait Solution

Aufait developed a world-class Customer Complaint Management System (CCMS) which will provide the following functionalities. These functionalities eliminated all the problems faced by the customer.

  • End-to-End Customer Complaint Lifecycle management.
  • Survey to gauge customer’s perception about the client’s service.
  • Customer can give comments, complaints, compliments, suggestions, query and can take surveys.
  • Will help the administrator to classify the customer feedbacks and equips him to assign the complaints to the responsible departments.
  • Special Cases can be handled very easily through the automated workflow.
  • Depending on the nature of the feedback, it can be processed through complex hierarchy “Reference Library” consists of checklists and investigation procedures which will help the decision maker to refer to the previous cases and the resolutions made. This will help in quick turn-around time.
  • Alert/notification module which keeps employees and their supervisors up-to-date about their tasks and subordinates tasks.

Customer’s participation in the resolution cycle is the highlight of this solution. Customers will be having an option to accept/reject the solution provided by the airline for his/her complaint. This solution will bring different stations together by having a seamless integration of the systems.


The client gained enormous benefits after implementing the CCMS.

  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • IQuick resolution of issues related to compensation claims
  • ITracking of complaints and their status became very easy
  • Consistent execution of complaint handling process Improved communication between different departments
  • Different kind of reports are available which will be used by the decision makers for efficient resolution
  • Increased productivity of the employees handling the complaints by ensuring equal load to each employee

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