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SharePoint Document Management System (DMS)

A DMS Software in SharePoint to Manage and Control Documents in Your Organization

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An Innovative Document Management Software for Your Enterprise

A Document management software caches your files and fetches them at your command, instantly. A fully equipped document management system automates the successive stages of a file progression. Our SharePoint DMS software engages employees in a company to share, store and send important information with ease. The way you manage your files is a sign of your competence. Let your employees enjoy the power of technology with our SharePoint document management system. Create, respond and enjoy the feel of working with documents in a modern workplace.

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Document Life Cycle in Our Automated SharePoint DMS Software

An automated Document management software takes a document from one stage to another intelligently. It eases your responsibilities to a one-tap approver.


Documents of different types, formats are created with respect to your industry-specific objectives. It could also be general documents like a leave letter, an invoice, a resume.


Collaborate with your team members and experts on the created document. Work together, co-author and improve the document to the best of your capability with our SharePoint DMS software.


Make your final document available for the top-level managers to give you insights and suggestions for further modifications. Include ideas from all stakeholders and work towards perfection.


The reviewed document which accommodates the suggestions is then approved and ready to go using Sharepoint workflow capabilities. You can customize authority levels to ensure security and access control.


Deliver the document for the intended purpose. For example, a job applicant gets an interview schedule; a leave applicant may get an approval or rejection with reasons and so on.


When the document exceeds its time frame, it becomes void in our SharePoint DMS system. For example, documents of a fully completed project needs to move from the active list of documents.


Back up your most essential deals, research papers, invoices and other project details with proper tags. You can call it in an instant when required. No search and no dust.

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Features of Our SharePoint Document Management System

Hallmarks of Our SharePoint DMS Software

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Smart Handling of Metadata

Metadata helps you to tag and structure your content. The document management system in Sharepoint allows you to use metadata according to your sense and convey the same to everyone using the document through the Managed Metadata column.

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Simplified Workflow

The status of any file or task is tracked through a three-phased process. The Sharepoint based DMS system is also capable of handling the document to send it for approval, collecting feedback and finally disposing of when it expires. It registers any new edits through the version controlled management of documents.

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Expedites Content Screening

With the metadata navigation tool, you can sift through the voluminous amount of content to locate the desired content in lists and libraries. The Key Filter feature is a unique tool in our document management system that helps you to refine your search with pin-point accuracy.

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Customized Search Options

Our SharePoint Document management software makes your search for documents easy both within and outside the document libraries. It expands the scope of search function with the clear-cut search for contents, metadata, and advanced search facility. The preview plugin lets you have a brief view of the document.

Our Document Management System will
Enhance Your Company’s

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    Server response time and performance.
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    Storage capacity over hardware management period
  • Seamless scalability and expansion to meet new challenges
  • Availability through efficient balancing of network loads
  • Multi-layer security of SharePoint libraries and lists

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