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Employee Exit Management System

Accelerate Employee Offboarding And Formality Clearances Using An Employee Exit Management System

Automated processes and seamlessly manage employee offboarding with our Employee Exit Management System

Aufait Technologies has designed our Employee Exit Management System to benefit both organizations and employees during the offboarding process. Through faster procedures and more standardized clearance formalities, it speeds up the entire lifecycle and enables the organization to get valuable insights and reports on various aspects. Our Employee Exit Management Tool assists in managing resignations, clearances, full and final settlements, and various other formalities of offboarding employees. It also includes questionnaires and survey forms that enable the organization to get helpful information from exiting employees to help them improve their future operations. With a centralized system that stores all the information regarding employee exit, our Employee Offboarding software provides the company with instant access to powerful insights retrievable using custom reports.

Features of our Employee Exit Management System

Benefits of integrating our Employee Exit Management System

Self-configurable software

Our solution offers multiple configurable and customizable options for your employee exit process, allowing you to tweak the system according to your company's unique requirements.

Customizable workflows

Customize your exit-related workflows to eliminate complications and confusion. Our standard system ensures uniformity of the entire process.

Faster clearance of formalities

Our automated and standardized employee exit management system allows you to speed up the entire exit process by providing email alerts and reminders.

Smoother offboarding experience

The system allows employees to capture their resignation online, get clearance, fill out exit surveys and forms, and get relieving documents quickly, thus providing a smoother offboarding experience.

Ensure data security

We prioritize your data security as all your data stored in our central system is protected with 256-bit security and various other advanced features and encryptions.

Save administrative cost

Manual processing of employee offboarding is a costly and time-consuming process. Our automated system enables you to reduce administrative costs and time through a faster turnaround, increased employee satisfaction, and lower HR workload.

Seamless integration

Our system can easily integrate with other HR and management tools, ensuring that all the data stored and saved in the central system is always up to date.

Increase employee retention

Exit interviews and surveys are a great way to know why employees are offboarding. This allows you to identify the root cause of attrition and find ways to improve them. This results in a better working experience for remaining employees, ultimately improving retention.

Timely transfer of corporate knowledge

Our system includes various tools that ensure seamless knowledge transfer to multiple stakeholders, resulting in smoother organization functioning and eliminating knowledge gaps.

24x7 support

We provide 24x7 support for all our clients. Our services include online help, product guides, self-training tutorials, and other on-demand support requirements.

Why choose aufait for your Employee Exit Management System?

Aufait Technologies has been providing SharePoint services for the past ten years. With each of our work, we have thrived in discovering and implementing technologies that best fit our client's needs and managing them in such a way that it provides maximum return on their investments. With our years of expertise in the field, we envision providing consultancy and services to our customers in a way that benefits them and shapes their business to gain optimum productivity with minimum cost.

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Frequently asked questions
What is the purpose of an Employee Exit Management System?
An Employee Exit Management System ensures a smooth offboarding and knowledge transfer process through automation. It provides an easier transition for both the departing employee and the company.
Exit interviews enable you to maintain a positive workplace culture. When you treat the resigning employees with respect and gratitude and make them feel important, it also provides positivity to the existing employees. It makes them stay more focused and engaged in their work.
Exit interviews, surveys, and analytics reports generated during the exit management process allow you to identify areas that require better learning and development strategies. By properly using these tools, you can improve the working conditions for existing employees and improve retention.
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