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How We Helped a Leader in Healthcare Solutions Automate the Employee Offboarding Process?

How seriously do you review your employee offboarding process?
Maybe not as much as the onboarding process, right?

Research by various organizations reveal that offboarding is as important and significant as onboarding an employee. On the one hand, the HR division can get valuable insights from the exit interviews and open discussions with the leaving employees. And on the other hand, if the offboarding process is not carefully mapped the organization may stand to lose valuable credentials and assets.

Data theft is rampant, and we can see organizations struggling to locate the gap. Surveys suggest that 87% of the employees who leave take essential data with them. But the strange fact is that in most cases it is not done purposefully. In fact, it happens because they forget to hand over the data. The situation can be avoided if a robust offboarding process is available in companies.

Another reason to make your offboarding process a priority is the public image of your organization. Every successful organization has a vibrant pool of talent driving growth, and the enjoyable experiences that the employees have at work are reflected in their ratings, reviews, etc. Today,  more than half of job seekers search for company profiles on Glassdoor. and similar websites. So, any resentment in the offboarding process can have severe implications on the reputation of your firm as well.

Understanding Employee Offboarding

Now, to get a better look at the offboarding process, a proper understanding of onboarding is essential. The whole process from employee engagement at onboarding to assimilation into the company and the leaving process needs an organic perspective. The piecemeal approach fails to take in the diverse aspects and extent of employee contribution in an enterprise.

Now talking about the employee onboarding process: The onboarding process is of immense value as it is the first day of an employee in a company. It is through this process that an employee gets to know the work culture. Most companies have an onboarding process spanning many weeks. Through the onboarding process, an employee is taken into confidence, and a firm shares its internal assets, credentials and other confidential information to the new joinee.

Once a new joinee starts working for any organization, gradually he or she begins to work for you using existing resources, they generate further information. For example, an SEO analyst would go through the list of all your previous links created and may use many accounts your firm has in different social media websites. They may additionally develop new accounts to work out new digital marketing strategies. So a new employee furthers on the already available resources and contributes to the progressive development of each activity.

Now, if we look at statistics, we see that only 14 % of IT leaders say that they have an effective offboarding process charted out. A more disturbing fact is that as low as 6% of IT firms alone actually conduct a proper employee offboarding process in which experiences and knowledge pass on to deeper levels of an organization. So all these points towards the inevitable, that employee offboarding is indeed the essence tapping stage of your whole effort at recruiting the right talent.

The Off Boarding or Exit Interview Requirement

Our client is one of the  Fortune 500 companies with a path-breaking record for innovations in the medical field. The organization needed to manage its employee offboarding process so that they could engage their employees positively and avoid any delay that existed in their manual offboarding process.

The client’s vision was an automated software solution on Sharepoint to make the whole process of egress graceful and memorable for its employees. Their existing onboarding or exit interview process was a typical process with multiple forms. Though it was a robust solution, there were many challenges and risks associated with the process.

However, being a forward-looking and growth-oriented enterprise, they wanted to enhance the process with the latest digital solutions .We offered a bespoke solution after consultation with the stakeholders at the client’s side .

Aufait Technologies designed and developed a state of the art exit interview process based on Microsoft’s SharePoint Platform.

Employee Offboarding Software Essentials

The solution we provided to transform the exit process automation for our client, a major innovator in the health sector, was designed to exhibit the values we discussed in the previous section. Parting gracefully with the employee; thanking her or him for their contributions; phasing out any chances of a grudge from any side by respecting the employee's decision to leave and leaving the door open for the return of the employee if they choose to do a boomerang. All these value factors came up in the development of the new offboarding solution.

Further the asset protection approach to safeguard the confidential company data; procure the assets or amenities of the company, gathering the virtual advances of the employee in the performing duties and recovering accounts, passwords etc. were the other part of the essential benchmarks for devising the solution.

The typical manual form that existed in the company was similar to procedures followed in other Indian companies with a checklist of offboarding procedures like the one below:

In most companies, the initiation to the final bidding farewell is a tedious process with delays occurring in getting clearances from the IT, Finance and Operations section. The result is that the employee feels frustrated and even regards it as a purposeful delay, which is indeed harmful for the organization as a whole. The most significant advantage of the automated exit software we designed in Sharepoint is that it keeps the employee in the circle of events. The transparency it offers leaves no space for employee dissatisfaction.

Our Automated Exit Process Solution

The solution we designed for our client leveraged the power of Sharepoint specialities like custom workflows, process and data flows in the content management setting to guide document movements. The more fascinating aspects of our solutions are shown below, and every aspiring organization can integrate them into their offboarding procedure with a customizable Sharepoint platform.

Applicant View

  • Logging into the portal
  • We were particular to make the whole offboarding process hassle-free from the employee perspective. Because psychologically exiting is a tough situation for many individuals and complications in procedures adds to their burden of mind. So keeping it simple to login we provided a secure login to the dashboard as below:

  • A New Request Form
  • The simplicity of the new form is something worth mentioning because the exit process forms are usually too stretchy that employees fear the whole process more than exiting itself.

    The new request form as you can see is very easy to fill and seeks only the necessary information to initiate and process the offboarding request. The name of the Human Resource personal to whom they are reporting i.e the HRBP can be selected from a dropdown list.

    The request status bar clearly pinpoints to the employee about the current location of the document in the pipeline. As you can see from the above screenshot that the colours instantly convey the overall status of the document - red indicates rejection, green for approval, grey for initiation and yellow for pending.

Clearance Side View

The clearance side view needs the same clarity for the whole exit process to provide a fast clearance for the employee. It becomes essential to set good precedence in the company work culture by showing that you value their choices and commitments as much you expect it back. So the clearance needs to be beautiful enough to respond effectively.

  • HRBP Clearance Window

  • The HRBP clearance window lets you add comments, attachments and other items. It empowers the HRBP managers to save requests and approve them. An update is sent to the applicant corresponding to the response from the HRBP. A similar clearance window was customized for every section like IT, operations, Credit Card, etc. We can help you create any number of such clearance sections and parameters depending upon the nature of your company profile and business.

  • HOD Manager Screen

  • A manager window is customized to contain the intermediate level of approval process. It contains one click button for the manager to approve and forward the request to the next section. He can also save the requests and parallely send updates to the applicant.
    The whole exit process is thus automated with the Sharepoint workflows. The greatest feature of this Sharepoint based solution is that it can be rewired to suit any organization’s intricate structure. Even additional security levels and data acquisition models can be also integrated with proper design. Today our client is confident of their employee exit process and helps employees leave the stage with ease and grace.
    If you want to build a similar offboarding software for your organization and ensure the security and simplicity of your employee offboarding policy. Schedule a meeting with our Sharepoint experts and let’s get down to work.

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