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How Aufait helped a Chamber of Commerce to migrate its large SharePoint portal

Client Profile

The customer is one of the oldest Chamber of Commerce in middle east and a well-established service organizations devoted to the cause of promotion of the private sector contribution to the economy. The Chamber has devised a number of promotional and developmental services to provide support to the private sector initiatives in industry, trade and services.

The Chamber has extended dedicated service to the private sector and the community in general during the last fifty years in the following areas.

  • Liaison between the business community and the government.
  • Promotional agency.
  • Promotion of fellowship among businessmen.
  • A medium for the private sector to perform its social obligations.
  • Provision of information on investment opportunities and changes in economic and commercial policies.


The Client had a SharePoint 2010 Web portal hosted in Internet. They had many custom solutions developed using different technologies. The client also had Siebel CRM for enabling self services to its customers. Due to lack of user friendliness the adoption was very low.

The client wanted to migrate the web portal to SharePoint 2013 and rebrand the website to support Web / Mobile UI. And in the process, have all Custom solutions, which were built using different technologies into a single platform.

The client was also were looking forward to allow its registered members to avail Siebel E services through same portal by enhancing user experience.

This essentially meant that client was looking to consolidate the IT landscape to enhance productivity, synergize effort to maintain systems and provide its partners and members with an enhanced user experience.

  • Siebel Eservices: Chamber had 10,000 registered members who accessed separate Siebel CRM website for creating, viewing, updating Service requests. Chamber provided facility to available various services (Renew Iqama, License Issue, etc.). This website was only available in English language, which was limiting its usage and reach and the chamber wanted to include an Arabic UI as well.
  • Eservices Transactions per month: Chamber was receiving around 6,000 transactions every month on Siebel Eservices and expected an increase of 125% approximately.
  • Number of Heterogeneous Applications / Systems: Chamber had various applications developed in different platforms and technologies to serve the needs. It had Public Website built on SP2010 providing up to date information about Chamber Activities and information. It had Siebel CRM website for members to avail different Eservices. It also had Custom solutions built on Adobe Flash (Board Members, Timeline History) where the data was scattered in various file systems. The idea was to bring all information in single central platform and technology.
  • Man Power required for maintenance: Due to different applications built on different technologies the chamber needed various resources with different skillset to manage the publishing, administration of its applications, which was cost, and resource heavy.
  • Response Time / Performance: The response time and performance were not optimal due to heterogeneous system and high maintainability cost.
  • Date Security / Data Pilferage: As various applications had data stored in file systems and Siebel CRM was exposed directly to Public with more than information intended. So client was looking to expose less information to public and encapsulate major functionality using Service based architecture.Deployed, configured and migrated the MOSS 2010 to SharePoint 2013.
  • UI / UX User friendliness: The overall UI of the SP2010 website was not optimal, it did not provide a Mobile UI, the structure and organization of Site content was not optimal. The Siebel CRM UI was non-responsive and crud.
  • Data Publication: As the client had huge data of around 5 GB and the size ever growing, it was getting impossible for Administrators to maintain and update data efficiently. The chamber organized many events, news updates, etc, which exasperated the situation and that meant they needed an efficient system which will allow smooth and controlled operation protocol to manage the data.

Aufait Solution

Aufait provided a Custom Solution built on top of SP2013 platform to allow the chamber’s registered members to login, create, view, and update their member information and service information in a secured and efficient. The application exposed only relative information to the Members and complete business logic was encapsulated using a Service layer on top Siebel CRM backend. All middle tier information is stored in SharePoint Lists to facilitate Administrators to manage the content efficiently and perform better analytics. We provided both English and Arabic UI for the members with required validations and checks.

SharePoint 2013 is very scalable platform, which can handle relatively any number of request, hits, data growth, etc. Eservices usage would increase by 125% due to availability in English / Arabic languages along with Desktop / Mobile UI. With SP2013 it became relative easy to manage such load and develop statistical / analytical to give a clear picture to chamber for planning.


  • Reducting Heterogeneous Applications / Systems: Aufait converted all heterogeneous solutions into SP2013 Custom Solutions and migrated data for each application into 1 single platform.
  • Board of Members: Our custom solution displays hierarchical board Members information in a Graphical interface throughout the Chamber’s history. The backend information in stored in SharePoint Lists made it easy for Administrators to maintain the data and reduced the efforts spend by 40%.
  • Timeline History: The Chamber had practically 10,000 images, 900 XML files, which contained the information about various events organized and publish throughout 50 years of Chamber’s operations. Our custom solution displayed the data in an organized and easy manner with back-up information being stored in SharePoint lists and libraries, which reduced the process efforts by 70%. (Name, Date, and Description) in English / Arabic language. By providing multi-lingual capability the effort to retrieve information was reduced by efforts by 90% (time taken)
  • Man Power required for maintenance: As all systems were developed / integrated into a single platform the effort (manpower) spent by the client to maintain the website and its contents was reduced by over 80%.
  • Response Time / Performance:The response time and performance of the application drastically improved due to Scalable System architecture of SP2013 and the solutions provided by Aufait.
  • Date Security / Data Pilferage: Aufait developed the website with granular Security implementation of information available in the site. For Eservices a middle service tier was implemented. We extended the website in Intranet, Internet and Extranet using AD authentication, Custom Membership, etc. to allow the website to be available with required access for different parties (Administrators, Eservices Members, and General Public). This meant the Administrators no more needed to be in Office network or VPN to access and work on their daily activities. Which means their productivity went up manifold.
  • UI / UX User friendliness: Aufait developed the website with HTML5, CSS3 and responsive design to make sure the website, its content, its applications are available in Desktop, Mobile, Tab, etc. in a seamless manner. This again improved the usability and user friendliness of the website by over 90%.
  • Data Publication: With a scalable architecture in SP2013, all custom solutions in a single platform and backend information residing in SharePoint it became just hour’s job rather than day’s job to manage, publish, maintain dynamic contents of any areas available in the website. Overall the cost of operations was reduced by over 50%. The productivity, accuracy, efficiency improved by over 75% in all areas.

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