redefining intranet

Redefining Intranet Software For Small

A creative space for communication, collaboration and sharing ideas

Get Together and Get More Work Done

When your resources are limited, sharing them on a common platform is very cost-effective. Our intranet solution for small
helps you build teams, manage them and extend resources to your entire workforce. Build a vibrant and progressive
work culture with our small company intranet features to nurture your growing organization.

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Smart Document Management

With growth comes more documents. So every growing company needs to find an easy way to channelise the documents and store them. Our intranet leverages the Sharepoint to generate, process, share and store documents automatically

Socializing Through Custom Team Pages

Socializing Through Custom Team Pages

Make your workplace merrier with live conversations, chats and fun. Lighten up your workplace with greater engagement of employees through our social intranet software Yammer socializing is an in-built feature of our Sharepoint

Integrate Office 365 for Productivity

Explore the power of Office 365 tools to bring consistency in your company. Intranet for employees means quick sharing and collaboration. Boost your productivity and efficiency with Aufait’s comprehensive intranet solution.

Integrate Office 365 for Productivity
Workflow Automation

Let Things Take Care of Themselves With Workflow Automation

Invest your time in productive aspects with our Sharepoint intranet taking care of your day to day office tasks. Applying leave, scheduling meetings, sending reminders, etc now don’t need your efforts. Intelligent workflows are there to save you the energy and time.

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