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Best SharePoint Intranet Solution for a Modern Workplace

Aufait Technologies has long-standing expertise in developing unique and innovative Microsoft SharePoint Intranet Solution. Our customized online intranet software brings you the best user experience to engage the workforce, improve processes and drive collaboration.

Being a Microsoft Gold Collaboration Partner, Aufait delivers custom SharePoint based Intranet solution tailored to your specific business environment and corporate values. Our aim is to implement and deliver SharePoint Intranet portals successfully and help collaborate your employees from anywhere. Aufait incorporates your cloud-based Sharepoint intranet and Microsoft Office 365 products to give you an exhaustive digital workplace.

intranet software

Best Microsoft SharePoint Intranet Software - An Overview

Our SharePoint based Company Intranet software is a wide collection of cloud and web related technologies that makes it simple to save, handle and manage internal communications from your preferred location. Our Intranet portal integrates the finer aspects of SharePoint online to provide you the best platform to share ideas, monitor real time performance and map growth. You can design mobile apps to handle day to day document management and decision making to refine the feel in your workplace.

Our team site enables you to run all the features of a modern intranet to fully digitize your company ecosystem. It connects the various teams in your organisation by simplifying information flow and merging the Office 365 in SharePoint features like One Drive, hybrid cloud search, mobile apps etc.

The portal homepage makes Aufait’s intranet software an extraordinary setting where galleries, workflows, event calendars, survey polls, corporate news etc. exudes the feel of a workplace carnival. The world is changing and so the workplace has to keep up the pace with it. Make your office an innovative and creative centre with our cloud based company intranet solution.

Best Advantages of using Our Enterprise Intranet Software

The increasing need to identify and consolidate data in the structured environment forced enterprises to adopt Enterprise related intranet portals. They help to improve the productivity of the employees by providing a unique interface with the company intranet portal to provide services and information that are scattered across the departments.

The web parts are a defining component in modern SharePoint sites. A web part allows you to modify SharePoint pages with the help of a browser. It helps to revamp content, look, and style of your intranet with ease.

Hub sites are an added advantage of using SharePoint team structure. The hub sites assist you in arranging your intranet the way you want. It helps you manage a cluster of team sites and communication sites to allow central control of all other subsequent sites. It will be a great tool for your HR managers to collaborate work, allocate role based access and content updates.

Overall, your organization will benefit from the interactive user interface, the multi-faceted search option, accessible mobile apps and much more. So try out our company intranet package to be the harbinger of innovation in your enterprise.

The key benefits of our Company Intranet Software

A Complete Workplace
Collaboration Made Easy
Easy Document Management
Get Efficient by Going Social

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