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Knowledge Management System

Make solutions more sccessible through a Knowledge Management System

Reduce complexity through organized business content using a robust Knowledge Management System

Aufait Technologies' user-friendly and powerful Knowledge Management System is designed to help organizations improve their customer services, support, and collaboration between various business teams. Our KMS solution is built with excellent content management functionalities, making it easy for employees and customers to easily access the information they need and solve their queries. Companies can use our Knowledge Management Software to organize and manage all the important information in a single repository, making it a hub seamlessly accessible and useful for its users. It allows them to solve complex problems and streamline processes through a simple and standardized system with constant updates to improve services.

Features of our Knowledge Management Software

Benefits Of Integrating Our Knowledge Management Solutions

Better teamwork

Our KMS provides Microsoft Teams integrations that make it easier for the teams across your company to stay aligned and coordinated while working.

Streamline internal communications

Since all the important information is made available in a single repository accessible to all, internal communication between teams is streamlined. Also, you can easily provide updates and ensure everyone has seen them through notifications and announcements.

Share critical product information

By sharing critical product information accessible to both employees and customers, both parties can have a clear idea making it easier for them to do their part.

24/7 service and support

Since all the frequent queries are answered using guidelines, tutorials, etc., customers can encounter problems and find solutions by themselves without requiring assistance. The KMS is a 24/7 assistant, guiding customers in all their problems.

Reduce stress for agents

Since all the repetitive questions and queries are answered through the KMS, it reduces stress and workload for agents and saves them time which they can use for more important tasks and complex questions. They can reach a larger customer base and solve more queries in less time while not feeling overloaded.

Reduce cost

Our KMS provides multi-language support, thus enabling you to eliminate costs spent on scaling customer service teams and hiring linguists and language-specific teams.

Faster onboarding and training

Since the KMS includes all the information required for employees to do their job properly, it is an excellent onboarding resource. You can add links to the KMS while sending welcome emails, enabling new employees to get all the company data required.

Automation and routing

Automate customer service processes using ticket routing, escalation and task creation features of the KMS. This makes the process faster, more productive and more seamless.

Why choose Aufait Technologies to build a Knowledge Management System?

Aufait Technologies is a Microsoft Gold Partner with over a decade of experience in the field. Through our years of providing Microsoft services, we have ensured to do our best to improve the efficiency of our client businesses to their maximum. Aufait Technologies has provided our clients with positive results and value additions through our expert guidance, consultations, and services.

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Frequently asked questions
What is the purpose of a Knowledge Management System?
Knowledge Management System is a tool you can use to curate and organize useful information and make it readily accessible for customers, prospects or employees to seek answers to their queries regarding company services and products whenever they require.
There are two types of Knowledge Management Solutions depending on the access and intent behind building the data repository. An external KMS collects customer-centric information about your services and products built to resolve their queries. On the other hand, an internal KMS offers assistance and resources to employees for improved understanding and knowledge sharing within the organization.
A good Knowledge Management System would include detailed articles on important topics, properly structured FAQs, detailed product and service descriptions, troubleshooting tips, tutorials, guidelines and a community forum.
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