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Boost Your Insights By Building Intelligent Applications With Microsoft Ai Builder

Leverage Microsoft AI Builder services and easily develop and deploy apps with artificial intelligence capabilities using PowerApps. As a Microsoft Gold certified partner, we have deep expertise in Power Platform AI services and tools, and can help you optimize business processes and flows seamlessly. AI Builder services enable your business processes to enhance automation, scalability, and efficiency and add value to your data. It also allows everyone in your organization, regardless of their technical expertise, to create intelligent business applications.

Microsoft AI Builder Features That Makes The Best Use Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and its capabilities are swiftly growing. To make the best use of this technology and stay updated, here are a few things you can do with AI.


Ai should be able to decide and implement the process once all the contexts are provided.

Decision Making

With plenty of contexts, Ai should be able to decide while the human implements the process.


When there are multiple and repetitive decisions with a few missing contexts, Ai should recommend a solution, and the human should take the final decision.


Humans should leverage Ai-generated insights if inherent creative works can benefit from machine learning.


When the context is insufficient, and risks are higher, humans should generate scenarios for Ai to evaluate.

Key Capabilities Of Ai Builder For Your Company

Microsoft Ai Builder takes a low-code approach to artificial intelligence integration. It allows you to improve your business's productivity, efficiency and decision-making capabilities. In addition, you can leverage a few benefits of Ai Builder to improve business operations.

Simple to build

Microsoft Ai Builder takes a low or no-code approach, making it easy for anyone to create and train their own Ai models.


It can analyze patterns from available data and apply them to predict future outcomes.

Object detection

It allows you to quickly identify and track your products in photos, thus aiding inventory management and identification.

Text classification

Ai Builder allows you to categorize texts to ensure relevant information reaches its optimal recipients.

Form processing

It allows you to process standard documents like invoices and purchase orders and automatically extract and store data from them.

Business card reader

Ai Builder lets you quickly scan and process business cards to store contact details.

Why Choose Aufait Technologies For Your Ai Integration?

Aufait Technologies has over a decade of experience providing Microsoft services and consultations. Being a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have gained expertise in building solutions using all Microsoft services and tools. We are a team of experienced and passionate developers who aim to build the right solutions for enhancing the capabilities of our client companies. Our dedicated services and solutions have helped us gain much recognition, acknowledgement and loyalty in the industry.


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Frequently asked questions
Can Microsoft AI Builder function as an OCR system?
Yes. Our Microsoft AI Builder services allow you to build and train AI models to identify data and embed them into Power Apps or Dynamics 365 processes.
Yes. Microsoft AI Builder is an artificial intelligence solution that you can directly integrate into Microsoft tools like Power Apps and Power Automate.
Some of the prebuilt AI models that you can easily use with Power Automate include the business card reader model, category classification model, entity extraction model, language detention model, text recognition model, text translation model, receipt processing model, key phrase extraction model, etc.
Microsoft AI Builder is licensed per tenant $500 per month. However, if you already have a Power Automate plan, you can receive unattended robotic process automation services at $150 per bot per month.
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