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Build powerful end-to-end business solutions with Microsoft Power BI

As a highly trusted Microsoft service provider, Aufait Technologies provides end-to-end business solutions and consulting services with Microsoft Power BI for clients across the map. Our expertise in consulting guarantees you the finest output using this intelligence tool. As a Microsoft Gold Partner and consulting company, we aim to transform vital business data into interactive and powerful visuals through a collaborative platform. Leveraging our services will transform how you analyze your data and enable you to make exemplary decisions.

Why Power BI is the best solution?

Aufait Technologies ensures to provide services that best suit it's client. We customize our services to fit all the business requirements and direct the services in a way that brings out the best results.

High efficiency and dynamics

Making the right choices, at the right time is a promise when you can access the right data. With an efficient BI tool, you can update yourself on critical matters in your business organization.

To choose wisely

With a BI tool, you can make decisions based on proper statistical analytics and logic rather than mere instincts. BI enables you to analyze data and make crucial decisions.

Cost effective

A proper BI platform will considerably reduce costs as decision-making improves. BI enables rapid access to data providing information that improves money saving.

Better collaboration

Power BI offers facilities to share data and interact with others. This improves the quality of teamwork as you can access data quickly and share it with your colleagues paving the way to make better collective decisions.

Our Power BI Services

Microsoft Power BI development

Our customized BI software allows users to seamlessly build responsive enterprise solutions.


We provide integration services with third-party business intelligence softwares like text files, CSV files, Oracle, etc.

Power BI consulting

Our expert Microsoft consultants with remarkable experience provide BI strategy, design, optimization, and more. We also implement data science, Artificial intelligence, and machine learning ideas.

BI services

Our trustworthy BI platform services guide business entities on customized dashboard development with real-time KPIs with the highest efficiency and sustainability.

Security and protection

We believe in the security and privacy policies of our clients. Developing a secure BI platform implementing proper access control and security requirements will be our responsibility. Only Authorized personnel admission to the BI is a guarantee.

BI on the mobile

Develops mobile BI solutions enabling remote business data accessibility. We build solutions meeting the client’s satisfaction and requirements on the design and features.

Power BI Extension with Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is a part of Microsoft’s Business Intelligence apps. It combines the features of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and leverages operations data to provide a centralized view on various business processes. Dynamics 365 is highly adaptable to your business needs. It provides services that cater to your industry type and requirements. Furthermore, it provides a powerful data visualization environment which is an amazing benefit when extending your Power BI capabilities.

PowerBI-Dynamics 365 collaboration would be an excellent asset to your business as it allows you to make smart decisions in relation to various business processes, thus improving the business as a whole.


Why choose Aufait technologies to leverage Power BI development services?

As a Microsoft gold certified partner along with our expertise and experience of over a decade, providing efficient and impeccable Power BI solutions is guaranteed. We ensure the satisfaction of our clients that leaves a positive mark by fulfilling their requirements. If you're looking for a well-accomplished Microsoft Power BI service provider and consultation, you are in the right place.

Our Microsoft Power BI case studies

Learn from our blog and case studies on how to implement and get the most out of a Microsoft Power BI.

Frequently asked questions
What is Power BI used for?
Power BI is a Microsoft business analytics service that you can use to visualize your data and share insights from them. It allows you to collect data from different sources to build interactive dashboards and business intelligence reports.
One of the most unique and important features of Power BI Service is the ability to control how you share your work. It allows you to create workspaces where you and your colleagues can collaborate on reports and dashboards, and then bundle and distribute them as apps.
The three main components of Power BI are :-
The Power BI Desktop is free to download. You can also register for Power BI Service for free using a business email address unless and until you need to share the created reports with other users in the organization. In the case of licensing, each user is required to have a Power BI pro license which is activated within the administration of Office 365.
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