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Microsoft Syntex

Amplify Your Business Operations Through Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

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Transform Your Content Management Process With Microsoft Syntex

Aufait Technologies provides expert Microsoft Syntex consulting services that enable organizations to create modern workplace experiences. By leveraging advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, we empower businesses to improve content findability and save valuable resources. As a Microsoft Gold partner, we have a decade of experience providing exceptional consulting and development services for Microsoft products. We have also enabled many organizations to leverage the right tools to enhance their businesses. As the future technology, we make maximum use of AI to change how your data is processed to strengthen your organization’s knowledge sharing and improve automation.

Key Features Of Microsoft Syntex

Microsoft Syntex is a powerful tool that will allow your business to harness the potential of artificial intelligence, the latest technological advancement, to gain better content management capabilities, automate content processing, transform them into useful information, and amplify human expertise to improve business operations. Some of the significant features include

Content understanding

It allows you to create AI models that classify and extract information and automatically apply metadata.

Automatic content classification

Microsoft Syntex AI allows you to capture, classify, and tag structured and unstructured content.

Content compliance

It allows you to manage content inside and outside Microsoft 365, improving security and compliance using integrated MIP sensitivity and retention labels.

AI-powered machine teaching

You can also build no-code AI models to teach the cloud how to read content the way you do.

Streamline content processes

You can streamline various content processing stages and integrate with Power Automate to build workflows that leverage the extracted metadata.

Our Microsoft Syntex Services

We at Aufait Technologies strive to provide the best consultancy and services to all our clients. Our major Microsoft Syntex service offerings include

Microsoft Syntex preparation

Our technical experts will support you in extracting insights and creating discovery reports from your data available in Microsoft 365 and other external document management softwares. In addition, we take careful measures to ensure that the knowledge and content center architecture and configuration of search connectors are precisely done.

Content organization

We develop and apply a corporate taxonomy to your content to optimize your content management system and knowledge graphs. We also leverage the capability of AI engines to automatically classify and route your content for better storage and analysis.

Workflow management

We provide support for managing the creation and archival of knowledge assets of your business. We also extend our services of managing approval workflows for these digital assets.

Why Leverage Aufait Technologies' Microsoft Syntex AI?

Aufait Technologies has been providing Microsoft services for the past ten years. With each of our work, we have thrived in discovering and implementing technologies that best fit our client's needs and manage them in such a way that it provides maximum return on their investments. With our years of expertise in the field, we envision providing consultancy and services to our customers in a way that benefits them and shapes their business to gain optimum productivity with minimum cost.


Our Microsoft Syntex case studies

Learn from our blog and case studies on how to implement and get the most out of a Microsoft Syntex.

Frequently asked questions
What is the purpose of SharePoint Syntex?
SharePoint Syntex is a Microsoft 365 service that enables organizations to transform content into knowledge using advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Microsoft SharePoint Syntex is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.
Microsoft Syntex uses a form processing model and document understanding model to classify and extract data. The form processing model manages structured and semi-structured documents like forms, and the document understanding model processes unstructured documents where information is contained in paragraphs.
You can receive basic Microsoft SharePoint Syntex services for $5 per user per month. This cost will differ as you scale your usage.
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