OCR and document classification

Transform and add value to business documents using OCR technology

Use automated OCR and document classification to drive data productivity

Leverage our OCR and document classification software to end manual data entry to save time and cost. Aufait Technologies is a Microsoft Gold partner with years of experience in providing Microsoft tools and services. Our OCR and document classification solution enables organizations to create apps that automatically categorize and sort documents into predefined document classes. Using modern AI technologies and machine learning, our solution can detect even the slightest difference among various document types, providing exceptional accuracy in classification. Our team of experts provides organizations with the guidance and services to securely capture, categorize and extract unstructured documents into standardized and useful information that can benefit the business and drive productivity.

Key features of our OCR and document classification solution


Our OCR and document classification services

Auto document classification

Our solution utilizes artificial intelligence to have the capability to read documents like human beings , identify and classify them into specific types and extract data from them. Our system efficiently converts content from different sources into standard data types.

Auto data capture

Our OCR and document classification enables you to identify and extract data from forms and documents by detecting their characters and fields. Our expert services will enable you to quickly and accurately process documents.

Template data capture

Our data capture solution is designed to classify and recognize documents with different layouts at the same accuracy rate as standard forms.

Intelligent data capture (IDC)

With advanced capabilities like machine learning and natural language processing, our OCR and document classification solution enable you to scan through documents and detect, analyze and classify tables, and store them digitally for future use.

Why choose Aufait Technologies for OCR technology integration?

Aufait Technologies has over a decade of experience providing Microsoft services and solutions. Our specialized and experienced team of developers have made it our mission to uplift our client companies with the best solutions that fit their businesses. We take immense pride in how far we have come and how big we have impacted our customers. We deliver the best services and solutions by considering every aspect of our client's business, starting from their goals, values, and mission. Our list of satisfied clients is our biggest and greatest asset of all.

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Frequently asked questions
What is the full form of OCR?
OCR is short for Optical Character Recognition and is a technology used to scan numbers, shapes, letters, and images from different documents.
Optical character recognition (OCR) technology is mainly used by different industries for scanning, storing, processing and sharing documents.
OCR's top benefits compared to manual data extraction are better data accuracy, easy document management, quicker data processing, reduced long-term costs, and improved customer service.
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