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Build Vibrant Teams With Our Microsoft Office 365 Intranet Solution

    Our cloud-based intranet provides you :

  • Mobile Apps for productivity
  • Role based access sites and screens
  • A unified and full-fledged Team Site

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Office 365 Intranet Software:
An Overview

The need to integrate information and employees is a basic need of every business. And our intranet portal brings together departments, employees and admins all into a single interactive platform. It offers a centralized repository of employee profiles and scalability to your HR/Administrator. The employee intranet portals serve as a collaborative space to nurture a creative ecosystem for your company. Now, your employees can join in polls and surveys sitting in their comfort zone. It provides social functionality through Yammer to promote transparency and equality in the workforce. Aufait Technologie's intranet online solution packs all the essentials for a modern digital workplace. From managing workflows to supporting innovative ideas, our intranet product will guide you through all the complexities with the skill of an experienced partner.

What is it that Makes Your Workplace
Truly Digital . . .

Smart is the way ahead in businesses, but to be smart digitally you need the hands of a professional, who has rich experience, with more than 15 years of expertise Aufait Technologies is your rightful partner. Our cloud intranet takes full advantage of Microsoft SharePoint on-premises utilizing the whole Office 365 productivity suite. It brings you the ultimate digital experience with the following features:

  • Homepage Features

    • Intranet Portal with customized branding
    • Company photo gallery
    • Smart search
    • Rotating banner image for displaying latest achievement or news
    • Corporate news and announcements
    • Local weather
    • A centralized document repository for storing and sharing documents
    • A central place where employee can find links to applications
    • Instant people finder
    • Upcoming events
  • Department Sites Features

    • Department introduction and key people
    • Common place to store department policies and procedures
    • Departments events/ Trainings calendar
    • Discussion forum for department related topics

Starter Pack Benefits Your First Step
Towards a Digital Workplace

  • SharePoint Utilization

    Helps organization to utilize existing SharePoint/ Office 365 licenses.

  • Proven Pre-configured Features

    With pre-configured features organizations get a feature rich intranet solution that increase employee engagement utilizing the SharePoint.

  • Quickest Way to Start SharePoint

    Whether adopting SharePoint for the first time or moving to SharePoint Online, our starter kit allows for rapid adoption to get employees using the Intranet quickly.

  • Personalized Internal communication

    Enhanced internal communication is delivered free, relevantly and responsively regardless of which device employee uses, their location, their language and their role in the company.

  • Centralized Document Repository

    Your document management is made faster and smarter with search provision to fetch your document easily saving time, and comes with the provision for complete control over editing, viewing and distribution of the documents.

  • Personalized Employee Profile

    Each employee will have their own profiles where they can share their expertise and any other information integrated with video or audio conferencing facilities for instant communication.

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