Plant Tour Management System

Automate and drive operational excellence through digitized Plant Tour Management

Elevate workspace efficiency and security with a Plant Tour Management System

Leverage Aufait Technologies Plant Tour Management System for continuous and quality management of industrial plants. Our digital and automated 5s lean audit and assessment software enables plant managers to conduct on-site inspections and record results in a standardized system for future reference and documentation. Through its simple and easy-to-use interface, PTM software automates the tedious process of manually recording and assigning tasks to provide a quicker, easier, and more effective method. It enables instant documentation of day-to-day occurrences to avoid incidents and a safe and secure workplace environment. Our team of expert developers have taken a step up to build a plant management solution using Lean 5S principles that provides a continuous improvement, safety, and quality maintenance of industrial plants, allowing organizations to ensure utmost productivity of operations. The software enhances the visibility of engagements and daily activities through standardized routines and checklists that every plant inspector has access to.

The Lean 5S Principles

5S is a philosophy developed by Kaizen to promote workplace efficiency and effectiveness. As one of its core principles, the Lean 5S quality management principles enable organizations to identify and eliminate issues and create a safe and organized work environment for their workers. Aufait Technologies implements the 5 S's in this principle in our Plant Tour Management Software to maximize its capabilities and provide the best results for our client companies.


This refers to a neatly organized workspace where all the tools, equipment and work materials are neatly arranged. It also refers to removing unnecessary objects to make more space for the necessary resources, making them easily accessible.

Set In Order

This means all items, equipment, and work materials should have specified places. The objective is to maximize accessibility, improve space management, and eliminate accidents.


This refers to the constant maintenance of hygiene. Employees should regularly clean the workplace and all equipment to make it safer, clutter-free, and productive.


This means that the three processes mentioned above should be standardized and implemented across all offices and industry branches to consistently gain their benefits.


This means companies should continuously and consistently implement this 5s organizational and housekeeping methodology to maximize business potential.

Key features of our Plant Tour Management System

Benefits you can achieve through our Plant Tour Management System

Safety coordination

Since all the safety measures, instructions and best practices are provided in the system, all the offices and branches can access the information, enabling coordination and timely instructions.

Reduce injuries

The PTM solution enables plant managers to keep track of all the issues that may be present in the workspace. Organizations can easily take precautionary measures to reduce injuries by improving those problems.

Increase operational excellence

With a more organized and standardized working environment, employees will be able to work more efficiently and with productivity. Also, the preventive measures beforehand lead to fewer problems and operational excellence.

Centralized documentation

The PMS solutions enable you to generate reports and documents with effective insights into problems and overall business operations through centralized documentation of daily inspections.

Identify important business aspects

You can easily identify business aspects that need improvement through routined and standard checklists run regularly and connect with the right team to solve the problem.

Why choose Aufait Technologies' Plant Tour Management Software?

Aufait Technologies is a Microsoft Gold Partner with over ten years of experience in the field. Throughout the years, we have strived to provide exceptional and quality solutions that best resolve our client's problems and improve their businesses. Our expert team of developers takes immense care in every step of the implementation process, ensuring the complete satisfaction of our client companies with our solutions. We are a dedicated team with values deeply rooted in our work, holding it close to us every step to provide not just what our customers need but what they require to have maximum output from minimum input.

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Frequently asked questions
What is the purpose of the plant tour management system?
A plant tour management system improves industrial plants' safety and operational efficiency through an automated, digitized and structured recording system to keep track of various daily activities. It enhances the security of work environments through constant checkout for issues.
Plant managers, inspectors, and operation heads can access the plant tour management software to record and document their daily inspections and findings.
The 5s methodology, if used correctly, can transform a chaotic and unfocused work environment into an organized, structured, and efficient one.
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