Procurement Management System

Increase transparency and drive faster purchase process using a Procurement Management System

Track, manage and optimize your purchases through an automated Procurement Management System

Integrate Aufait Technologies’ Procurement Management Systemto automate your purchase approval procedures and efficiently manage your purchase expenditure. It enables you to digitize the entire process, including purchase requisition, approval, and order processing. Our solution is a simple, secure, and cost-effective approach to procurement management that allows organizations to eliminate manual work and speed up the procedure. It also provides transparency of purchases to manage expenditures better, ensure budget-controlled approvals and accelerate business growth. Our developers have designed a solution that fulfills all your purchasing needs from a single accessible hub. It eliminates approval delays through multiple notifications and email alerts to ensure quick and timely actions. It also enables you to store and manage invoices and vendor details for future reference.

Features of our Procurement Management System

Benefits of integrating our Procurement Management System

Increased transparency

The system contains all the details regarding purchases made, including money spent, vendor details, product quality, and time taken for purchase, all in a single access system.

Reduced cost

Since the software provides insights into the kinds of purchases made, how regularly each product is being purchased, which suppliers provide the best services, and how much money is being spent. This allows the organization to choose less costly vendors.

Improved operational efficiency

The automated process reduces the overall time spent on purchase-related procedures. It also minimizes errors in manual data entry, miscalculations, etc., thus improving operational efficiency.

Standardized workflow

The automated system provides a structured workflow starting from requisition all the way to order payments and entry of its details into the accounting system. This standardizes the entire process and increases efficiency.

Integration with financial systems

The software integrates with the accounting system and ensures all the transactions are accurately recorded and stored.

Digital catalog

The system also acts as a digital catalog where the organization can bundle common items together so that employees know what purchases to make for each use case. It also allows you to restrict purchases to trusted suppliers with pre-negotiated agreements.

Customized reports

Customizable dashboards allow you to make precise analyses of the entire procurement process. It enables the organization to evaluate performance and make better decisions.

Effective budget management

Organizations can create customized internal validations to control expenses by properly analyzing how much money is being spent compared to the budget. You can use the insights received through the system to make decisions on purchase approvals.

Why choose Aufait Technologies for Procurement Management System Integration?

Aufait Technologies is a Microsoft Gold Partner with over a decade of experience in the field. Through our years of providing Microsoft services, we have ensured to do our best to improve the efficiency of our client businesses to their maximum. Aufait Technologies has provided our clients with positive results and value additions through our expert guidance, consultations, and services. We are a dedicated team with values deeply rooted in our work, holding it close to us at every step to provide not just what our customers need but what they require to have maximum output from minimum input.

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Frequently asked questions
What is the purpose of a Procurement Management System?
Procurement management software significantly manages costs by increasing savings through negotiated buying agreements with suppliers. Expenses are managed by directing purchases to approved suppliers through applications that enforce buying policies.
The critical functions of procurement include supplier sourcing, negotiation, contracting, supplier performance monitoring, and checking for compliance with business protocols.
The three types of procurements are competitive negotiation, comparison, and selection.
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