What’s new in SharePoint 2016?

Enhance the hybrid infrastructure and leverage the cloud technology with
SharePoint 2016

SharePoint 2016:An Overview

Microsoft SharePoint is a document management and collaboration platform that helps companies manage the documents archives reports and other contents that is important to the business processes. The SharePoint 2016 has come with a lot of exciting features which includes an app launcher and UI changes giving a better user experience. The Hybrid OneDrive of SharePoint 2016 for business has been very favorable for the users who wish to venture into cloud storage the right way.

The main driving force for this release is to enable the customers who have still not reached the position to move to the cloud to utilize some of the newest and coolest innovations, which the cloud technology provides. All these features are wrapped up with better user experience and more people-centric compliance.

This is enabled my massive enhancement of hybrid infrastructure in SharePoint 2016. This could be your first step for an organization who don’t want to separate yourself from anything in the cloud. With the functionalities of both on-premises and cloud system organization can allow secure access to application and data from any place.

New features in SharePoint 2016

Though SharePoint 2016 did not necessarily reinvent the wheel, it offers organizations improved functionality which stood out in several key areas, namely search and better hybrid functionality, resulting in an environment where information can be more easily obtained from multiple sources, both in-cloud and on-prem. Users are also given more options when it comes to customization of these features. Check out for the summary of all the new features that come with SharePoint 2016 and how it has moved on since SharePoint 2013.

Hybrid Improvement

Performance scaling and deployment

Deployment improvements

Upgrade to SharePoint 2016

harepoint 2016 performs better and faster than any other sharepoint versions. For most business the benefits of SharePoint 2016 are worth the investment of upgrading. Ready to upgrade to the latest and greatest version of SharePoint?

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