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An Employee SharePoint Intranet Portal
to streamline collaboration

We deliver SharePoint intranets to engage teamwork, envision the processes of businesses and improve collaborative knowledge.

We Foster Combined Effort and Influence
Collective Intelligence in the Business.

A Microsoft certified gold partner for Collaboration and content, Aufait applies its wide and significant expertise in developing SharePoint Intranets to help enterprises all over the globe for successful implementation and efficient use of SharePoint Intranets.

SharePoint Intranet improves the productivity by providing an employee intranet portal for services and information which are scattered across the organization. Accessing the data that is organized in a content management system is really important. This is done through SharePoint Intranet Portals. You can easily allow the data access to anyone by preserving internal control over the secured data.

The key benefits of Enterprise SharePoint portal solutions offered by Aufait include:

  • Central Platform for various types of websites, search for people, office integration etc.
  • Increase in ROI and decrease in TCO across the enterprise.
  • An internal portal for employees to access collaborative tools with an Internet connection
  • Empowerment of users with proper training i.e. there will be no dependency for the vendor.
  • Helps partners, vendors or candidates to get hitched via. intranet.
  • Improvement in revenue by increasing the availability of quality and timely information.

Key Services for Your SharePoint Intranet

We provide a variety of SharePoint Intranet services to provide you a complete
guidance at any stage of your Intranet lifecycle.

  • SharePoint consulting

    Our SharePoint consultants are well versed with the recent versions of SharePoint versions beginning from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 till SharePoint 2016 Our Microsoft SharePoint consulting offers the best and unique solutions for your business.

  • Design in intranet

    Our UI/UX designers develop innovative company intranet software that gives a soothing feeling for the eyes and are really user-friendly. The designs provided are really unique and they stand out from the usual ones.

  • Intranet development

    We assist you in developing an intranet from the starting point along with added features in an intranet to make it more attractive and user-friendly. The end user will definitely love the features that are used for developing the Intranet.

  • Intranet maintenance & support

    We always make it a point to deliver the best to our clients that are free from errors and has a robust security and also which provides a high user adaptability of your SharePoint intranet, as well as to provide complete guidance and support from the developers to the ultimate customers to enjoy interrupted services.

Core Considerations on Every Sector
of your SharePoint Intranet

Microsoft SharePoint Intranet is a really complex procedure where each and every aspect defines the
success of an entire solution. We must give due consideration to the below components

  • Acceptance of user

    SharePoint Intranet can be treated as a successful solution if there is proper usage. We ensure to develop each and every aspect of an intranet with due consideration of employees and their convenience. You can truly trust on us as every aspect of your solution will serve your purpose of business as well the requirements of the employees.

  • Secure data

    The SharePoint Intranet data’s are well secured and they are truly protected from all the external hazards in the organization. SharePoint Intranets are established for information security standards and policies and enables the latest security measures.

  • Synthesis

    A SharePoint Intranet synthesizes from its heart and collaborates all the other enterprise systems. This process ensures integration and longevity of your business requirements. Our employees enable efficient collaboration even if they are from other departments or sectors.

  • Mobility

    The use of mobiles has increased drastically. Employees must be capable in performing their duties from anywhere other than the exact office space. Our mission is to make your intranet purely flexible and support employees to gain productivity from their preferred work location.

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Service Offerings of SharePoint

We provide a varied number of SharePoint Service Offerings to our diversified customers all around the globe. Have a look at our service offerings for SharePoint below

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