Tender Management Software - A Unique Supply
Chain Management Solution

Our Tender management system helps remove time-consuming and labor-intensive
manual tendering process and get a transparent procurement process for your

tender management software

E-Tender Software, A Complete Procurement
System on SharePoint

Our Tender Management software is an online service that helps suppliers and buyers to interact with each other to achieve prominent efficiency in all aspects of a tendering process. Whether it is complex tendering or simple RFP/RFQ process, Tender Management helps an organization in executing an effective Eprocurement strategy and make your procurement or tendering function hassle-free. It takes care of the complete procurement life cycle, starting from the vendor or supplier registration process until awarding the contract. By using this solution organizations can ensure the transparency of the entire tender management process.

Features Checklist

vendor/supplier registration

Vendor/Supplier Registration

approval worlflow

Approval Workflow

extraction of Boq

Auto Extraction Of Boq List From Excel

contract management

Integrated Contract Management (Coming Soon)

tender creation

RFP Or Tender Creation, Revision, Extension

tender activity

Tender Activity Tracking And Reporting


Suppliers Portal

RFB publishing

RFP Publishing


Clarification Module

RFP responding

RFP Responding

decision workflow

Decision Workflow

document management

Document Management

full text search

Full-Text Search



Integration with Financial Systems

Integration with Financial Systems

Version Control

Version Control

How E-Tendering Software Helps?

Electronic tendering system is the result of an experience in delivering procurement solutions to industry vertical organizations. The tendering portal creates innovative templates to collaborate with buyers, supplier. In addition, the easy design develops points of communication between trading partners in planning, execution, and fulfillment of material and services requirements. All this within a complete life cycle of Purchase Request, Purchase order, goods, and products received and payment at the lowest cost possible. Having an integrated fully automated e-tendering system can save a lot in terms of time, money and speed. A tendering software provides secrecy like in the traditional practice of sealing the contract in a safe.

The SharePoint architecture gives room to both vendors, participants, and other stakeholders to have control in the tendering process. Our tender solution ensures that this control is well distributed in favour of an unbiased and transparent tender management system.

Please discuss your needs with us so that we can deliver the best possible solutions for you. Any configuration work will be reflected in the accompanying project Statement of tendering activity. Plan your move to migrate to a robust tender software today itself.

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